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  1. The size wheels you have indicated "should" fit. The rear 9.5's should be OK with 5.5 backspace. I would check since a Monte does have as much room as a Chevelle. The front will look better with 8.5's. The 4.5 backspace should be OK however that will depend on the size tire you choose to use AND how low you plan to drop the front. Disc brakes space the front wheels out 1/4 inch on each side compared to drum brakes on an A body. You may be looking at 4 3/4 - 5 inch backspace with 8.5's depending upon the tire height and section width. There are tire/wheel fitment tools available a
  2. The reason 70-72 Chevelles do not necessarily have F41 on the build sheet or on a car is because F41 was an option on a 70-72 Chevelle and NOT standard equipment as part of the SS option.
  3. I will see if I can get a picture of the 70 brackets. You will pay at least $250 for a set of 70 A/C, power steering brackets brackets. They are the same as Chevelle and that's why they are so expensive. 71 up brakets are cheap.
  4. What Year SS? 70 brackets are different from 71 Brackets.
  5. mjs-13

    SS 454 LS6

    Jim Mattison who runs Pontiac Historical Serivices (PHS) "was" retained to do any Chevy records that could be found similiar to the Pontiac records. Jim has resigned from the project and no information is forthcoming as it does not exist. A gentleman (Mr. Art Armstrong) on the NCRS board (National Corvette Restorers Society) worked for GM 30+ years. His last assignment for 9 full months was a special project for Jim Perkins, head of Chevrolet at the time. This project was to look through ALL OF GM for any and all records concerning the build of Corvettes at at he St. Louis plant. Mr.
  6. No, that is high. They must have been exceptionally nice. There is a "bolt in" kit available from a company in Minnesota to install power windows. This company also sells reproduction glass. It is complete with switches, regulators and wiring. Everything you need for $499. Given the condition of most USED power window systems. Buy the new kit!
  7. It is "possible" that a late, late, late 71 could have a "289" casting block. Although unusual, I have in my possesion a "289 block installed in a July 71 manufactured 71 Chevelle made in Baltimore. Although unusual, late year production cars many time DO have castning number parts from the next production year model. Remember, althought the assembly plants stopped production in late summer for "refit" of the plant, the parts manufacturing plants were in full production of parts for the "new" model production that's ususally set to begin in early/mid August.
  8. Try a vacuum cleaner repair shop for a new belt. They will be able to match something that will work. This is where I have gone when I needed this belt.
  9. "Anti-drain back" is a wonderful feature that is particularly needed on Buick V8's. What this does is to not allow the oil to drain back out of the oil filter due to a one way valve. Since the Chevy oil filter is vertical, not such a big deal. On Buicks the oil filter is parallel to the ground. It is very easy for the oil to drain back into the pan. When you start the car, the first place the oil heads to is the filter. Many times a Buick will rattle until is gets oil pressure since the filter must be filled with oil to initiate the oil pressure. Technically you could set up a "sy
  10. If it does'nt fit, force it! If it breaks you needed a new one anyway! Take a BIG hammer, hit tailight, break housing, remove 4 nuts holding housing, paint replacement housing, install replacement tailight housing. See, you never needed to remove the backup light lens screws in the first place!
  11. Andreas, Your comment that "systems in Europe are designed to work safely with Duracool" has me puzzled? No matter how good your design, there is no A/C system that "crash proof"! With a condenser hanging out front of the radiator and hoses under the hood, it is impossible to design a system that will no be punctured/compromised in an accident. When the system is punctured, the gas is released. If there is an ignition source, you "can" have a fire. The possibility of a fire is no different with 134 and Freeze 12. Yes, Duracool has a higher flash point and is "more" flamable, h
  12. Before everyone get's all upset, you need to look at what all the "substitutes" really are made from. Freeze 12 is 80% R134A and 20% filler. Duracool is a "hydrocarbon" based coolant. 134, Duracool and Feeze 12 are all FLAMABLE! R12 is not flamable. The concern about flamability has do with the gas escapiing in a collision. Sorry to ruin you day however IF you have US or Foriegn car manufactured after 1994, it has 134 and 134 IS FLAMABLE. Some are more flamable than others. The first commercially available refrigerant in the 20's was Sulfur Dioxide (SO2). This is now considere
  13. Yes, in most cases due to flywheel. Could be 153 tooth or 168 tooth.
  14. Go with the 2004R! They run behind 9 second Buick Gran Nationals ALL DAY so they will run behind your car. No Cheaper than a 700R4 but much easier to install. They BOLT in where your turbo 350 now lives. Same size! No drive shaft modification. The stuff about how difficult it is to adjust the TV cable is WAY OVERBLOWN. It's easy, takes about 10 minutes. You MUST follow the instructions and use the correct brackets to hold the TV cable at the carb or FI. NO BIG DEAL! I have tried the 700R4, the Gear Vendors Overdrive and the 2004R in my cars. 200R4 wins hands down from my ex
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