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  1. I already have billet 20" and like the way they look but they are only 8.5" . I was wanting to do 10" or maybe 9.5 with 4.5 backspacing. I have looked it up and they should fit but without enough tire I'm just not sure. thanks guys i will check out that link.
  2. quick question. how do i figure out what size tire and wheel i can run. I want atleast 20x10 out back. all of my suspension has been replaced back to factory. any help is appreciated
  3. mc7214


    the car is beautiful. thats exatcly what i wanted but my taste and wallet do not always agree.
  4. mc7214


    It isn't candy tangerine but this is what i went with
  5. mc7214


    that kandy tangerine is what i really wanted but i compromised with myself and ended up going with atomic orange.
  6. sorry guys that was the wrong one
  7. check this out http://youtu.be/RO_kjaxIDzc
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