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  3. I still have it , never had a chance to take photos, it is a mono not stereo, getting ready to go out of town for a couple of weeks .
  4. Is my price too high, not trying to be unfair but these are getting hard to find.
  5. It did when I took it out. Your correct on the mono radio.
  6. I really never paid attention, probably mono, has two front speakers and had one in the back, have all factory wiring for the radio including wirign to front speakers. If I think about it I will take some photos, this has value to someone putting one back bone stock. I put in a after market that fit rignt in since this car had never been chopped up.
  7. I have a factory am/fm radio I took out of my 71 monte carlo, $ 100.00, you pay actual shipping cost. I am in the Houston area. Also have all the wires that plug up in the back.
  8. I changed my interior from light saddle to black and was wondering what to do on the seat belts and the shop that was doing my seats said order the material and he sewed them up. They look great and cost less than a hundred dollars to redo. I bought 15 yards of material and it was plenty.
  9. Its the factory Chrome remote mirror on drivers side, the gasket is about twice as thick on the outside as the inside.
  10. Looking for a mirror gasket, I suppose you call it for a driver side remote outside mirror. Its thicker on one side than the other.
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