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  1. I guess my problem is more with some one wanting 5000 for a 2500 truck because they claim one owner. But that led to my existential crisis of what is one owner and what effect should it really have. part curiosity part no one at my house wants to talk about or cares lol
  2. That is pretty cool. Two things 1.Your situation is one of those i seldom think of. But since you have been the"owner" since day 1. yes i would call yours one owner despite the title transfer. 2. Do you call it all original? If not I have no issue with the modifications/restoration. That is just you making the car more "yours". If you did call it all original then we wuold just be at a difference of opinion. beautiful car either way. I knew that if I asked some one would come up with a situation or point i hadn't thought of. That was why I did.
  3. Disclaimer: the following are the ramblings of a middle aged man whose family could care less about his car obsession and are intended for discussion and to find others opinions not start a war or discord.There is much i do not know. I have been vehicle shopping lately and that has led to the following. Seriously? What does this affect and what are the parameters to be able to say it is a "One owner " car. Why does it even matter? That one owner car could have been beaten on and treated worse than any multi owner car on the street. I see people asking ridiculous amounts for heaps of junk because of the one owner, low miles,"all original" claim. Tired of listening to people that bought a car from their buddy who's uncle got it from his grandpa running around saying its a one owner car just because it makes them feel special. News flash , If you think that is a one owner car you are special sunshine. If anything on the vehicle has been changed it is no longer "all original". see tons of vehicles claiming this with non stock parts in plain view on photos. Honestly in my opinion unless you are the original owner and purchased it direct from the dealer your car is NOT one owner.once the money was paid and keys changed hands it became multi owner-ed whether you transferred the title in your name or not. If it is not 100% stock with factory parts, minus wear items IE belts and brake shoes, then it ain't all original. If it has been restored then owner count,mileage, and original don't matter. Just like all the goobers in a dodge 1 ton think they gotta go around saying Cummins all the time.Or ford owners shopping for wipers gotta tell you its a Powerstroke. We get it they only had one diesel engine. ........sorry got side tracked. Any ways whats you all's opinion? Also nothing I own is all original or one owner and feel free to do with your car as you please cause its yours fix it as you like it.
  4. you are correct Rob. The power plant is pretty much settled though. I have a 81 c10 that I LS swapped last year so unless i find something like a 402 or 454 at ridiculously low price the c10 will lose its engine to the Monte once i have rust, suspension and brakes sorted.
  5. Been on hiatus for 6 years. I have purposely avoided this website like a recovering addict avoids their favorite dealers neighborhood. This afternoon i took a hard left right back into my drug of choice. I traded off my 02 vulcan for a basket case 72. no motor, no trans, roof rust at top of front windshield, large hole in hood, needs brakes, needs everything. i don't care, best deal i ever made.
  6. haven't done anything with mine in a while and after totaling my daily(I'm fine no injuries) it has been pushed to the back burner and put on simmer for a little bit. thought about selling it and the parts off for a bit but my parents, friends and wife all refused to let me. hope to have it moved out of my friends yard and in my shed soon so i can finish stripping it down and get the front sheet metal off.
  7. Jeramy

    welded block

    talked to him today and he said hes got a 4 bolt block 30 over or a couple of 2 bolt std bores i can take my pick from.all of them 010 blocks.told me i can keep this engine to use internals out of cause all he would do with it is throw it in the scrap pile.we're going to get together next weekend and look them over real good.
  8. Jeramy

    welded block

    wow that was quick he emailed me back and said call him tomorrow to set up a time and he will swap me another 4 bolt for it. nice to see he is a stand up guy even when he didn't have to be.
  9. Jeramy

    welded block

    sent him an email with the pics saying the following: I'm not sure if you will remember me or not but my dad and I came and bought a 350 4 bolt service block from you back in the end of last year, before Christmas. I finally got around to getting it on the engine stand to start rebuilding it today and found the weld on it where some one had fixed a crack. I am very sure you did NOT know about it and am not accusing you of intentionally selling me a damaged engine. the weld was smoothed over with jb weld and then spray painted over, and i didn't notice it myself until i had pulled the heads and rolled the engine over on the stand. the reason I'm emailing you is to see if you would be willing to swap me out for a different block. I understand we bought it as is and you have no obligation to do so, and as such I won't hold it against you if you say no or if you don't have one.just never hurts to ask as they say. hopefully he will get back to me
  10. Jeramy

    welded block

    im thinking if he doesn't want to do anything ill save up a little bit of money and pick up a used 454 to rebuild instead. seen several on craigslist lately for around 400 complete. didnt have much luck with the last one i built but maybe second time around will go better
  11. Jeramy

    welded block

    pics i don't think the guy i bought it from had any idea it was there.i am going to call him tomorrow and very nicely ask him if he would be willing to give me another block and if not ill take it to a machine shop i trust and go from there.just really sucks that the engine my dad and wife got me for Christmas turned out to be damaged guess i should have paid closer attention
  12. Jeramy

    welded block

    would you run a block that has had a crack welded up. found a welded crack today on the drivers side about 1 inch below deck surface.weld runs from top rear motor mount hole to dipstick hole and is about 1 inch wide. some one had covered it with jbweld and then painted over it.not sure what i want to do with it at this point any opinions will be welcomed
  13. had a 75 chevy pickup do that to me once at 75mph. it took the tailshaft off too lol
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