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  1. Well, with my good luck again, it looks like I scored a really good NOS bumper pad. It's got some marks from being moved around throughout all these years. The story I was told is that it was found at a dealership back in 1982 on a shelf. The threads look like there has never been a nut tightened on em. Does that part # look correct? There is a permanent marker number clearly legible and a slightly legible pencil part number too. I think with a coat of vinyl dye it should look perfect. I'm gonna keep the crusty one on the car, and stash this one away until the day comes to do it all right.
  2. Is it for cassettes or 8 tracks? I'd be interested if its for 8 tracks, PM me some pics
  3. Spent some more time on the work bench tonight. Good thing I have the original AM8track that came out of this car. I've been using it as parts for the AM/FM 8 track. I got all 4 channels rockin now! This was quite high tech in 71! Along with a working heater, gonna be a joy to drive in the fall season VID_20191009_224737.mp4
  4. New decal on the air cleaner, and another full cooling system flush followed with some fresh antifreeze, apparently super cold weather is going to be upon us this weekend, boourns
  5. The 71 is now sporting the blue deluxe seatbelts I accidentally bought from Hector's infamous #montenascarlo. Few years back I was knocked out on painkillers after some nasty nasty dental procedures and bought them thinking they were black... Naturally, a few years later I just had to buy a Monte with a blue interior so I could do something with em šŸ™ƒ. I also shampooed the interior which is why the seats look all blotchy. It actually came pretty clean, other than one spot where the material disintegrated from the sun damage
  6. Mine in my 71 just randomly comes to life, I changed the terminal on the coil to no avail... I'm gonna pay attention to this thread, it's most likely the printed circuit board
  7. I'm neither here nor there, welcome back šŸ˜›
  8. Wow, that's quite the booth you built there! Any compensation from the insurance company??
  9. Knew you couldn't wait to get another one. I always see deluxe belts as a common option, wonder why they were so popular?
  10. Battled cooling problems since the day I got the car, flushed the rad twice, ran water through the block, popped the drain plugs out of the bottom of the block. If the rad is all punky and old like that, Rick Auto has em for less than 300 bucks!
  11. That original blue interior is mint! Nice man. As for the paint, take er to a professional detailer if you're not comfortable in stuff like colour sanding and buffing, original lacquer can be saved minus the cracking
  12. Another weekend adventure, another 200 miles on er, other than a loose solenoid wire it again never skipped a beat. Mentioned before that I ran some motor Medic engine flush through it last week, let it run for 5 minutes, dumped the stuff out, then put some fresh 15w/40 Rotella T and a new Napa gold oil filter. I still remember the demonstration on the Napa counter with the cut out of a Fram VS Napa/Wix. I hope no one here ever runs Fram crap! Anyways, after that flush, no more sticky lifters,engine is silent as can be, and I swear its got more power. Personally I found the Shell Rotella diesel oil to be the best for these old engines, what are you guys all running?
  13. People are loving the survivor cars these days, had a good teen burger šŸ” and some šŸŸ fries for a local car show at A&W. Had an appraiser approach me was impressed with all the documentation, thank you Vaughn for having that done. I should probably get an appraisal done. Insurance companies suck
  14. That plate frame turned out great! Wonder if the abrupt crash with your wheels being stationary caused the axles to bash the seals and damage them? Now what about the axle bearings?
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