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  1. Mine in my 71 just randomly comes to life, I changed the terminal on the coil to no avail... I'm gonna pay attention to this thread, it's most likely the printed circuit board
  2. I'm neither here nor there, welcome back šŸ˜›
  3. Wow, that's quite the booth you built there! Any compensation from the insurance company??
  4. Knew you couldn't wait to get another one. I always see deluxe belts as a common option, wonder why they were so popular?
  5. Battled cooling problems since the day I got the car, flushed the rad twice, ran water through the block, popped the drain plugs out of the bottom of the block. If the rad is all punky and old like that, Rick Auto has em for less than 300 bucks!
  6. That original blue interior is mint! Nice man. As for the paint, take er to a professional detailer if you're not comfortable in stuff like colour sanding and buffing, original lacquer can be saved minus the cracking
  7. Another weekend adventure, another 200 miles on er, other than a loose solenoid wire it again never skipped a beat. Mentioned before that I ran some motor Medic engine flush through it last week, let it run for 5 minutes, dumped the stuff out, then put some fresh 15w/40 Rotella T and a new Napa gold oil filter. I still remember the demonstration on the Napa counter with the cut out of a Fram VS Napa/Wix. I hope no one here ever runs Fram crap! Anyways, after that flush, no more sticky lifters,engine is silent as can be, and I swear its got more power. Personally I found the Shell Rotella diesel oil to be the best for these old engines, what are you guys all running?
  8. People are loving the survivor cars these days, had a good teen burger šŸ” and some šŸŸ fries for a local car show at A&W. Had an appraiser approach me was impressed with all the documentation, thank you Vaughn for having that done. I should probably get an appraisal done. Insurance companies suck
  9. That plate frame turned out great! Wonder if the abrupt crash with your wheels being stationary caused the axles to bash the seals and damage them? Now what about the axle bearings?
  10. Man that thing is so stock and untouched, even the Towanada#1 sticker is still on the valve cover!
  11. This car, for how long it sat neglected, I'm so amazed of how well it runs :D Just did a good flush and oil change on er. Lifters are all unstuck and it runs so smooth now VID_26231217_191735_355~2.mp4
  12. It's first long trip in 30 years. Sorting out plugged cooling systems, new waterpump, anything rubber, new brake lines, master cylinder, new set of tires, of course getting the tunes working today. Logged 200 miles on a circle tour through Southern British Columbia.Man it was a joy to drive, this ole beast will roast tires in all three gears, while feeling like you're sitting on Grandma's couch.This circle drive is known as the WestKootroute/Selkirk loop. Weather was 90F+ all day, now dealing with a burnt left arm šŸ˜›
  13. Hmm...I'll have to repost the two last photos from my pocket annoyance device....Been battling overheating issues. Last Saturday was finally fed up and wanted to get to the bottom of the problem! Pulled to old water pump off (yes I kept it, it was original to the car!) Flushed the engine out with a garden hose and same thing with the rad.Went to Napa to get a brand new high flow waterpump and some powdered stuff that mixes with water to clean the whole system out. Sitting all this time the coolant was this kind of brown greyish gross liquid and the rad was plugged. I ran the solution with straight water for 10 minutes, then ran straight water through a garden hose through one of those heater hose tee things until the water coming out of the drain and top rad filler was clear again. The inside of the rad is all clean now and it's running ever so happy now that it is getting proper cooling! I figured this car shouldn't have run so hot, being that is has a larger radiator than a CamperSpecial Chev Truck
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