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  1. Welcome !!! Best if luck in search of your old car
  2. Was bored last night decided to do some math..... My math skills stink but bear with me think I see how they came up with the numbers in 1971 they made 8633 -402 big block cars 102,192-small block cars 10,283 -turbo 400 cars Now we all know that the 1919 SS cars all had turbo 400in them. 10,283-1919=8364 Now if we take the 8633 402 cars and subtract the 8364 turbo 400 trans left 8633-8364= 269 Simple math ......but that means no small block cars came with a turbo 400 transmissions ? Again I personally ,just by the production numbers think that it is 80 big block 4 speeds out of the 8633 big blocks made and 269 4speeds out of the 102,192 small block cars produced. But that's just my opinion.
  3. I personally have seen more small block 4 speeds for sale over the years. Most of the small block cars are also seem to be low option cars. Most of the big block 4 speeds are higher option cars so I personally think most of the big block cars were customer order cars and small block were dealer lot cars. I think most that wanted a big block would also order an SS. That was also low production of 1919. There were a ton more small blocks produced,so I'm going with there would be more small block 4 speeds. I also personally think that there are 80 big block cars built and 269 small blocks. So I guess my answer is the world may never know
  4. No offense but at least with a storm you know when it's coming ,how strong it will be and about when it will be over. I live on an Island that is 8miles wide and 16 miles long with 500 k people and we are being told that up to 80%of us WILL get sick from this. We had zero cases last week and as of last night 4 people are dead,so yes I have been stocking up to keep my family safe from getting sick. I don't feel that I am being selfish it's called being prepared for a different kind of storm an invisible one. Thanks for letting me vent .everyone be safe
  5. It's amazing how quickly live can be turned upside down. My wife company closed it's doors this week and sent her home,school is closed probably till the end of the year and she has become teacher for our quintuplets yes 4 girls and a boy age 11. There is no way I could teach 6th grade math to them !!! I am still going into work in Manhattan every night. The city is a ghost town. Evey night when I wait for the bus it's like rolling the dice weather I'm going to get sick or not. Hope everyone is safe and healthy through this time. Pictures of Manhattan warm Friday night 70' and it's empty......then Saturday morning
  6. No one repops the heat stove and if you do find one in good shape they sell for a lot of money usually. An NOS one sold recently on EBay for $1750 but was complete set up.
  7. Very nice car . I hope it's a perfect fit for you Jim. When I was selling my Monte it was great to talk with you and I could tell you are a stand up guy. Good luck
  8. Hope all turns out well for you and your wife. Please stay safe and go with your gut feeling on everything.
  9. I think Rob is 100% correct. I posted this on here to my Monte Carlo family so that people know how serious this can become fast. As an old time prepper once said " A prepper is called crazy until something really happens then he is called selfish because he has what everyone needs"
  10. As I am sure we all know about the virus that is going around. I just want to say that living in N.Y. that here things are starting to get real. Never thought that TP would be so important to people ! Each day when I travel to Manhattan to work less and less people are in the city. To make a long story short start getting the things you may need now before the panic buying starts near you. You can always donate food if you don't use it or help someone else that doesn't have any. Here's a couple of pictures I took while shopping yesterday with my brother empty shelves everywhere. Everyone be safe and healthy .God bless
  11. Here is the picture they have up now
  12. Here is a build sheet from one of my 1972 Monte carlos. It is listed at the bottom portion of build sheet where the options are listed. It was ordered with the right rear speaker option U80
  13. Hey Willie Look on your build sheet (if you have one ) if it was ordered with both rear speakers it should say it some only came with one right speaker in the rear. If your car was ordered with AC you automatically got the dual front speakers.hope this helps a little. Or you could follow the wiring harness in the rear to see if it goes to both sides.
  14. Wow it's coming up quickly. Nice job 👍
  15. Steel for me 😁 just my 2 cent's
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