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  1. Very cool story. It's nice when you find out the history on your car.
  2. I agree with you 100%. I think the big problem started when cars became a business. They changed so many terms to meet their goal of a profit. Like the term "Clone " became a "Recreation" everything is a barn find,even though you see it being pulled out of a nice garage attached to someone's house. We do have a tread on here for our Barn find Monte because it sat in a real barn for 34 years and we have the rodent body's and poop to prove it.Every car is a one of one because it has some odd options that mean nothing.
  3. Beautiful car ...... but i don't like the Chevelle interior and the way the side view mirrors are mounted just my 2 cents.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  5. Welcome. Best of luck with your new Monte.
  6. Wow I saw this picture and it scared me,then I realized it was me ,now I'm really scared thanks a lot . If anyone wants to use this picture to scare away thieves,birds,dogs ,small and big children I'm ok with it 😁
  7. My dad is a TV repair man and has an awesome set of tools......I can fix it !!
  8. I still like it !!! Seems like a really solid car ,great color combo and just downright cool in my book. But I'm weird
  9. I recently bought two 71 SS end caps with the trim. I can lend you the trim if you promise to return them. The chrome is in bad shape but if you need them to test fit on your car I think they may work. Let me know if you can't find anything closer.
  10. Welcome !! Best of luck with your new Monte
  11. I have 15x8 5" offset on the back of my Monte with 275 60 15 tires. 15x6front with 215 70 15 tires. No rubbing issues at all.
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