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  1. Welcome !! Good luck with your new Monte
  2. I agree check the vacuum lines that go to the modulator see if they are off or dried out. Good luck
  3. The part of the cowl under the rubber at both ends that you see in both pictures is where the side cowl panel and the top meet. The factory puts seam sealer to prevent moisture from getting in-between the metal. It was applied and then painted black at the same time as the firewall.
  4. That stinks.... Better luck with the next one. It was pretty looking.
  5. It is an HD cooling support. If you look at the bottom where the driver's side radiator tank sits it has the extra tab welded on for the larger tanks. The top plate would also have the extra tab.
  6. I saw it go across on TV . Mecum said it was just restored ,looked really nice small block 4 speed triple black !!
  7. Always liked the Javelin body style,very cool good luck with it
  8. The G7015 tire that came on your car is a 225 - 70 R 15 in a new radial size. I put BF Goodrich red line radials on my Monte . They also make with white walls .It's the best of both worlds looks like a bias ply side wall but is a radial tire. Just the price hurts
  9. Yes my neighbors are great and put up with a lot God Bless them. It also helps that next door is a 67 Chevelle that needs work done from time to time. So when they ask for help we always try to help them out.
  10. I had a feeling that you were going to keep it. It is in good hands . Glad that it will be saved and not parted out 👍👍
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