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  1. Great reason to go for a cruise !!! God bless all our vets and the people who help take care of them.
  2. Welcome !! Nice Monte love the skirts
  3. I got mine for my Firebird off eBay because his son took the "in stock one" lol ,think it was a little cheaper than summit. Here it is installed, a little long for my liking but works great.
  4. Wow how nice !!! Here in N.Y. two dummies would try and squeeze there mini vans in those spots.
  5. Welcome !!! Nice Monte
  6. Welcome !!! Nice Monte's
  7. Wow you lean something new here all the time . I never knew about the different seat bottoms till today.
  8. Looks great !!!! I always said Evey car should be black.......till you have to clean it. Awesome job
  9. Tom's son my nephew is no stranger to American muscle thank God. At the age of 18 I gave him my 69 LeMans convertible that I have owned for 20+years. Here is a picture of it last week when we put the "in stock M22" trans into it. He is also the main driver of our 9second 84 caviler....... he's a good kid thank God.
  10. Wow nice job !!! Lol . Now that he has a Monte tell him to join the club
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