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  1. I believe the code on the block should be CLP. This code along with the VIN stamp should be found on the pad on the block under the alternator. Good luck
  2. I have 215-70r15 redline radials on my 72 car has all factory springs and tires fit fine. The shorter the tire the more of the "road"you will feel.
  3. Welcome. Nice Monte . I also like the BF Goodrich TA .
  4. I have dealer invoices for two 72 Monte's with factory powerglide transmissions and bucket seats. Never seen one in person but i know they were built. Here a picture. One is white with green interior the other is yellow with green interior.
  5. Welcome. Very different,👍
  6. Nice collection you and you family have 👍
  7. Good luck .nice to see another one saved👍
  8. Welcome. Nice project you have. Good luck
  9. Welcome . Beautiful Monte
  10. The yellow wire at the starter runs from the coil to the starter. If you have a mini starter you only have one post on the starter. It looks like you have an hei so this wire would not need to be used if you getting 12v power for the distributor from another source.
  11. Welcome . Nice project you have. You are correct the A on the trim tag is for a white top
  12. 714024SPEED


    Welcome. Great looking Monte,love the color
  13. We're all happy you pulled through that rough time. Amazing how life can change in an instant.
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