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  1. Looking at the master i see the hold off valve mounted under it so i think it's the 70 that sold there this weekend .
  2. A friend of mine is lucky enough to be a Mecum Auction in Florida. He sent me some pictures of this Monte SS .
  3. Welcome!!! Can't wait to see pictures good luck
  4. My brother's Monte had to run spacer's to clear. They have had no leaking issues since installed.
  5. All the Monte's came with painted valve covers big and small blocks ,don't know why they didn't use chrome one's would have been a nice touch .
  6. Green ones when you can find them are pretty pricey. I know earlier Pontiacs also used the green button if you find one in a salvage yard
  7. I used the AMD trunk sections not the one piece floor and only had to modify the rear(cut about 3" off rear) to match up to the Monte floor
  8. Wow I feel like a dope my Catalina sat that long and I checked for oil pressure,fuel,spark and started her up. Lol now that I know she runs I'm doing all the things on the list you have. I think you have a great plan ,good luck
  9. Saw these on Ebay from the parts place .$329 for guards with pads .listed for 70 Chevelle and 70-72 Monte Carlo. They are the front bumper guards.
  10. Happy and healthy New Year to everyone !!!
  11. The doors and the ignition should have the same key,the trunk is the other key.
  12. Take out the back seat and open it from the inside.
  13. Welcome !!! That was a great investment you made years ago. Good luck getting her up and running
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