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  1. Welcome !! Great job on your Monte,she looks great
  2. So sorry for your loss. Your family will be in our prayers 🙏.
  3. Have the same problem on my truck . I'm just afraid of opening up that can of worms to fix it. Once it gets hot the exhaust leak goes away.
  4. That is the same top and molding that was on our Covid Monte when we got it. It was a dealer installed top by an outside company .
  5. More "In stock"stuff !!! Maybe we can get a group rate on some therapy 😁
  6. I actually tried to find an answer to your question and ended up going down a rabbit hole so try and stay with my nutty answer. So in the Julian calendar the number 549 actually stands for a common year. A common year is a year that starts on a Friday. Now to make a long story short it turns out that 1971 was a common year and the first of the current era. So maybe the person who stamped your trans was as nutty as me or......they just used the wrong stamp. Now I need a nap I used up all my brain cells.
  7. Very cool, congratulations
  8. Welcome !! Nice job on your Monte she looks great
  9. Found same number by the pass headlight. I will let you know if I find anymore as I clean it up.
  10. Staten island how'd we miss that one...lol looks awesome
  11. Hey Willie I was cleaning up a rad support today and I found these numbers near drive side headlight on front of the support
  12. Should have the square edge like a Chevelle
  13. Welcome !!! Great looking Monte
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