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  1. On the other side. I have sold several cars though the years and one of the fist questions that people ask is are you the original owner. It must be important for so many people want to know . The last car I had for sale I was the second owner and people seemed upset that they weren't getting a one owner car. It's kinda hard to find a one owner car that is 48 years old but people still want to find what I call the "Gas Monkey " TV to good to be true story and deals.
  2. Here are some pictures of another 72 build sheet I had that had the deluxe belts (chrome buckles). I think if you have a code in the box then it would have the standard belts.
  3. I have the build sheet from my other 72 I know that car came with deluxe seat belts (chrome buckles)I can see what code that has on it .
  4. Hey Willie if your car has the standard black belts they are different in 72 even the buckles look different than earlier years.They are known as the exploding belts lol the buckles would come apart.wish I could get better pictures but I sold the car.sorry
  5. Amazing what a car guys mind thinks at all times....... it's a sickness...but yes it does look like a 72
  6. Here are pictures of sail panel emblem holes from an original 72 Custom.the holes are the same for both the Monte Carlo emblem and the custom. Measure 1 inch center of hole from the last Monte Carlo emblem hole and that is where the custom emblem starts.holes are 7 inches long in total and both emblems have the posts in the same location . Hope this helps
  7. Looks great 👍 keep the pictures coming !!!
  8. Progress is progress it's one more step to getting it done. Good job keep up the good work and pictures
  9. Yes I told him about the club . The car is staying on Staten island but guy does go to a lot of shows so you may see it around. He already took off the skirts and gave them back to me so I still have part of the car.lol He came to get some parts for his Chevelle saw the Monte and had to have it.
  10. The easiest way it to use jack stands in font of rear wheels on the frame and let the rear end hang. Then jack up one side of the rear at a time to get spring out if needed.
  11. Happy New year 🎉.........2020 still no flying cars.
  12. Thanks wish I could have kept it but the five other's in the family should keep me busy.lol
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