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  1. Here is the u joint part number you will need to do the swap
  2. Welcome !!! Looks like a great start
  3. Thank you Willie for supplies of soda and doughnuts!!! Had a great time ,wish the weather was better but that is always part of the experience lol. You are always welcome anytime if you can deal with us after our adult beverages and our loud talkers. Thanks again P.S. enjoy your free swap meet gift of the the free engine block prize lol.
  4. Welcome !! Nice Monte
  5. I've seen the carnage of all of Toms Posi explosions ,go with the Tru trac . It's the only one to hold up ......so far
  6. The Spring Swap meet at Race Way Park is April 16-18. We will be there as a vender spaces RD 8-11 come on by and have a cold bevarage or just say Hi.
  7. Pontiac OHC 6 different but very cool !!
  8. The sway bar looks just like the 73-77 A/G body style
  9. Hope everyone has a Happy Easter 🐇
  10. .....and then they wonder why street racing happing so much.
  11. I used spray 9 and some different brushes on my 63 Pontiac and it worked great just rough on the back lol.
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