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  1. Thank God the bird brought a Monte, 12 year old quintuplets is a handfull enough for the wife and me.lol
  2. Wait what it's not the other black Monte in our fleet. Wow I go to sleep and you sneak another one in.lol glad I don't have to tell my wife it's mine,your son has some powers over her !!
  3. My wife and kids will gladly let you in and help you carry all the car stuff you want !!!
  4. I put one in my 71 SS just because we had it "in stock" but it was originally from a 72 Monte. Just a side note It is the same for a Chevelle also.
  5. I have taken them apart and polished them. Just take the bolts out and the heavy centers come apart . It's a lot easier to clean and polish them once they are apart. Good luck
  6. Sad to say but I resemble that remark !!!
  7. Sorry to hear . He will be in our prayers
  8. Welcome !!! Best of luck with your new Monte
  9. Welcome !! Nice Monte
  10. Very sorry to hear. He will be in our prayers.
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