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  1. The parts place just came out with ac Delco air shock kit.
  2. Absolutely stunning !!! If I finally make it to Carlisle I can't park near you. It will make me want to "fix a couple of things" and we know how that goes. Great job
  3. I have something like that in my Pro Street Firebird. I have the positive battery cable from the master discount switch in the back of the car to a bulk head in the firewall(ran cable inside the car) I then used that bulkhead to power up a fuse block under the dash that powers up my fuel pump,MSD,Fans and all needed relays. Don't know if your going to race the car but by the rules the master switch in the back must kill all power to the car.
  4. That's where I have the oil pressure gauge on my 71 SS.
  5. I run 32 psi also ,once the tire warms up from driving it will go up a pound or two.
  6. Happy New year !!! Wishing everyone a healthy and happy one. Special thanks to all the hard work that you guy's do to make the club what it is.
  7. Awesome that you met your goal. Now let's hope for an early spring so you can enjoy your masterpiece!! Great work 👍
  8. Welcome and best of luck with your Monte. Love the color and a 4speed👍
  9. Blue car 235-70-15 Tan car 215-70-15 Both with 15x7 rim
  10. Here is a cheap way to get measurements.Pvc pipe cut to how wide of a rim you want to use,put the tire where you want it and measure from front of rotor/drum to pvc mark it and that will give you a ballpark for your back only problem is you need a tire
  11. Sorry but I don't believe the "science" of the offset calculator. I have a 15x15 rim on my Pro street Firebird with 3 1/2 inch back space,and it measures 3 1/2 " . So if I put a 15x8 rim with the same back space your saying the measurements will be different. I understand what the offset table explains but a 3 1/2" back space is a 3 1/2 " . Just my opinion
  12. We have put rims with 5 1/2 inch backspace and they do fit but I'm not sure if you have another 1/2 of room.
  13. Welcome ! Good luck with your Monte
  14. Here is a standard mirror on on of our 70 Monte's. The mounting screws for the bracket is 2 1/8" center of screws.hope this helps
  15. I looked at the car on Ebay and don't think it's a bad deal. Seems like a solid car ,less than normal rust for us Northeast people. It does not have the numbers matching engine but a service replacement block. It has most of the SS stuff and is one of the 1919 SS built in 71.I hope someone restorers this one. Just my opinion 😀
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