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  1. Welcome. congratulations on your new Monte she looks great. Love the color
  2. I looked at it on eBay looks very nice does have some floor issues by looking at some of the pics appears they tried to hide it with heavy undercoating. Looks to be nice car and the build sheet is a big plus
  3. Looks great keep the progress going !!!
  4. If the hood is clean and you want to use it weld the big hole close and then poof it's a 70 hood !!
  5. 72 hood spear is wider to cover the holes
  6. Check the o ring /gasket on the gas cap mine dried out and when I started off from a stop gas would pour out the fill neck.
  7. I like to own the Monte that matches the build sheet. Lots of options and a 4 speed !!! Hope the car is still out there and you can get them the build sheet.
  8. There is no difference in an SS 12 bolt and others housing wise. There were options on gear ratios,open or posi. The standard gear ratio in 70 was a 2.56 open rear. A posi traction was an option in 70 and 71.
  9. Good luck with your search. Just an FYI black was not offered in 72 but was a special order color,so can be hard to find an original black car.
  10. Wow that's awesome. Nice job
  11. Congratulations !!! But try not to Win that award twice
  12. Very nice. It takes up a lot of room in the garage.
  13. Here is a picture of my Monte with 7" wheels with 235 70 15 on it .
  14. Thank you so much to all that serve and those who paid the ultimate price for us to have freedom.
  15. Welcome !! Good luck with your new Monte
  16. I agree check the vacuum lines that go to the modulator see if they are off or dried out. Good luck
  17. The part of the cowl under the rubber at both ends that you see in both pictures is where the side cowl panel and the top meet. The factory puts seam sealer to prevent moisture from getting in-between the metal. It was applied and then painted black at the same time as the firewall.
  18. That stinks.... Better luck with the next one. It was pretty looking.
  19. It is an HD cooling support. If you look at the bottom where the driver's side radiator tank sits it has the extra tab welded on for the larger tanks. The top plate would also have the extra tab.
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