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  1. Had a 406 small block years ago really like the power it made and have had many 350 through the years but if I had a choice I'd build the 400 .
  2. Welcome !! Beautiful Monte
  3. 714024SPEED

    Gear Ratio

    My vote is for the 3:31 gears. I have them in my 71 SS .I have 4:10 gears In our black 71 "Covid" it's very fun around town but not for the highway.
  4. Looks great !!! Love the original paint markings ,lots of information can be learned from such an original car.
  5. Like the others have said it depends on what your plans are for the car. If your going for the dated stuff look to see when your engine was built so it gives you a idea on what date coded parts to look for. The correct dates and part number part can get expensive if you find them.
  6. Congratulations on you new Monte Carlo
  7. Wow!! Nice best of luck with it. A Staten Island car my home town very cool.
  8. Welcome !!! Best of luck with your new Monte
  9. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
  10. Congratulations!!! I personally feel you got a great car for a fair price. Best of luck with your new Monte !!
  11. From the trim tag if I see it correct car was built 06B =June second week. The engine code is 041=April 1st day . lol =April fool's day. So that is two months prior to the car so that's good I have seen double stamped blocks before. I honestly think if you found a nice car and had to restore it it would be a lot more than the asking price but again in the end you have to be happy with your purchase.
  12. I would like to give my thoughts on this car. Did you look on the pad under the alternator for the numbers also,on the driver's side just above the trans pan the vin should be stamped on the transmission. I have seen several end caps on original cars that have that angle to them. As far as the rocker panel goes without seeing it I can only say that I would rather fix a rocker panel that is supposed to be black then try to match the cars paint. As far as the cars price only you can be the judge of that ....but for a highly option SS car that seems to have most of if not all the original body panels that is rare up here in the northeast and looks to have had a frame off restoration at some point I don't think it's a bad price.just my 2 cents. At the end of the day you have to be the one that is happy. I'm just glad I have no room for it !!!
  13. I also saw this car on craigslist. Looks to be a very honest and correct car with lots of options. Power seat,windows,locks,gauges,vigilite system,washer fluid monitor it even has the heat riser on the exhaust manifold and I think it's a very fair price. Good luck
  14. Hope you have a speedy recovery !!!
  15. I'm 100% with you Willie ,looks beautiful but don't want any.
  16. Very nice ,best of luck with your new Monte!!!
  17. I use a spot weld drill bit ,looks like a mini hole saw. Just go slow and try to just drill through the top panel(quarter panel) as not to go through the lower panel that you need to reuse.
  18. Welcome!!! Great looking Monte
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