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  1. Rob Just booked hotel and show see you thursday the 24th Joe Roman
  2. We will be bringing a 10x10 canopy on thursday most likley around 10 to noon eta
  3. Rob I am interested in attending the 2019 carlisle mini meet with my wife. How do I book the room. Thanks Joe Roman
  4. I have a 68 327 300hp motor 12 to 1. I want to put in a mild cam verus racing cam and never dial in a cam. Anybody know a good person to help dial in cam from lancaster,pa area.
  5. Ordered a steering box,rag joint and idler arm to attempt to remove excessive play in wheel. adjusted old box all the way. Feels like I am driving a mack truck with the play. Friday will be changing oil and putting in new plugs.
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