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  1. Very Nice Dave 2.58 is getting it in the 60
  2. Thanks David we have a good time
  3. Mike did well in the 10.50 points this year 6th or 7th I believe ... He seems to be liking it more and says he will probably run points again next year. He said he has been busy and hasnt been on here much which is my excuse also LOL Here is a pic of my car and my buddy Terry's 70 who also runs the series
  4. Here is a pic for Mike from our Renegade Racing Association Race this weekend
  5. Rollout is basically the circumference of the tire meaning you mark the tire and the distance it takes to go 1 revolution... so with a taller tire give you more distance for a revolution Nice times
  6. BowtieThunder


    Very nice Mike you wont have any problems running the number in the heat now.Keep at it 9's next time out for sure.
  7. Great to hear Mike... Your flying good luck with it and cya soon
  8. Looks Great Mike cant wait to see it this year
  9. looks really Nice Mike will look good on the car
  10. 10w-40 or 20w-50 Penzoil in the heat of summer
  11. [you said a naughty!] that isnt rough at all Looks like a great starter and looks to be very solid...... this was rough LOL Sorry not trying to hijack thread but your idea of rough and mine are a little bit different LOL Omar car looks great and it will make one nice ride when your done.... 3600 wont be hard to get too
  12. yes we took them out of my doors wasnt to hard.I think we used a plasma cutter...... stuck a piece of aluminum between the door skin and the brace before cutting
  13. We race at Thompson, Norwalk and looks as if I will be heading to 42 more this year ..... its Just a 10sec slug nothing to fast LOL
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