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  1. So I have a legit 70SS but noticed when I went to order the kit to rebuild the carb the part number didn’t line up to it being on a 70. It was a Carter built Q-Jet for a 74 manual trans car. Bummer! Question 1 - it was common for Carter to build carbs for Rochester but was it common in Monte Carlos built at Van Nuys? Question 2 - how can I tell what month my car was built? If I find a carb I would like to get the correct date code Question 3 - can someone share their carb part number assuming it is original to the car? The 7th digit should be even for any automatic and should be something like 7040200, 7040202, etc... I want to make sure I find the one with the correct 7th digit
  2. Two pics attached. One is a single wire connector against the firewall right next to the wiper motor. The other is behind the drivers headlight there are two wires there. They were electrical taped together for some reason. They both have 12 volts with key off. They both appear to come from the bulk head connector through the harness that runs parallel to the engine. Any ideas? It is a 70SS.
  3. Thanks Paul. I definitely have the 3rd design as there is a pigtail connector that appears to plug into the wiper motor between the motor itself and current wiring. I think it gets grounded at the buzzer or horn relay based on the connector. I would be great if someone on the forum had a picture of the set up.
  4. Anyone have the wiring schematic (and pictures) of the fiber optic set up? My car has the option but was removed at some point and i am attempting to get it hooked up. I believe it is grounded to the horn relay or the key buzzer circuit behind the driver side headlight and perhaps the connector ends plug into the washer motor??? Thanks
  5. Looking for the fiber optic and the indicator assembly that mounts to the dash. I was able to get the bottle and float from Leo but need the rest. Any leads would be appreciated.
  6. Looking for the fiber optic and the indicator assembly that mounts to the dash. I was able to get the bottle and float from Leo but need the rest. Any leads would be appreciated.
  7. Thank you to everyone who has replied to my post. Love learning the history of the car. My dad bought it from a guy 20years ago and restored it I bought it from him and now going through and making it as correct as possible. Does anyone have a picture of the washer jar monitor system including the correct jar? I want to know what I need to find.
  8. Anyone know where I can find the washer jar monitor pieces?
  9. It does. Bad picture of the engine bay. Everything is there in the rear end too just don’t have the lines.
  10. Thanks. Does anyone know the option code for the radio? Also, any idea on the “mirror lamp” option? Is that the rearview mirror lamp?
  11. I have a 70 SS with the CD2 washer jar monitor. I have read that it is a rare option overall but what about on a SS. How many 70SS came with that option? Also, where can I get parts and the schematic for the system. I have attached the build sheet for you to see and need help with the radio and mirror lamp codes would be. Any idea on what the radio type might be? attached photo of car too. 😀
  12. Does anyone know the correct paint color for the compressor? Where there difference between 70 and 71? The one i have isnt the gold color i see in the pictures rather it is more like ralley wheel silver.
  13. Thanks for the information and would like to get the contact information. Love the classic copper. That is what mine looked like before I tore into it. I will be getting the full membership soon.
  14. I just moved to the south orange county area in southern california. My MC is just a rolling shell and i am in search of a good, affordable body shop. Any suggestions?
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