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  1. Thanks Dan. Just so I have it correct. Since the car has A/C that connector is not used, correct? I believe those are speaker wires too but the radio isn't hooked up (missing part of the harness I believe), the speakers are missing and I believe I am missing the drivers side speaker bracket.
  2. Need some help identifying the white connector behind the dash. It appears to share the same loom with the wire that goes to the passenger door jam switch. Any idea where it connects and to what? In the second picture there are three wires that appear to come from the firewall but just stop where I assume the passenger side speakers should be...not sure. Two black wires with a purple wire in between them. Sorry picture is blurry on that one but you can see the wires heading down over and behind the heater box.
  3. Thanks.... I am missing the metal end on mine. Now trying to find something that size is my next challenge.
  4. I have the optional washer fluid level indicator but the fiber optic line has come disconnected from the float assembly. Is there a way to reattach the fiber optic cable? I see picture of other MCs but cannot tell how it is connected. Thanks in advance. GW (70 SS)
  5. I have a factory assembly manual for a 71 Monte that I bought when I had a 71. I now have a 70 Monte SS. Aside from some of the obvious differences between the years is there a big enough difference that I would need to purchase the 70 manual. What other resources do you recommend?
  6. Thanks guys. I have a set of both so was wonder which was correct.
  7. I have seen several versions of the center caps over the years. Some with the Bow Tie in the middle and some without. Does anyone know what the correct cap would be for our first gen MCs?
  8. Does anyone have pictures or assembly diagrams they can share showing how the vacuum lines are routed on their 454. I swapped the one on the car with an original and some of the ports dont line up exactly. The PCV one is easy but want to make sure i correctly route the air cleaner and the vacuum advance.
  9. 1970MCSS - what is the number stamped on the linkage? Cannot make it out in the picture. Also, is yours a 4 speed? DragCat - yes please post pictures and if you can find the part number on the baseplate it would be appreciated.
  10. Does any know what the correct air cleaner is for a 70 SS 454 AC car? The one I have has the opening for the heat pipe but there is no heat pipe on the car nor does it appear there was one originally. One of the assembly manuals I have shows a dual snorkel on an LS5 but I have never seen one in person like that. Pictures would be appreciate.
  11. I sat there and looked long and hard at a baseplate swap however I just had it restored/rebuilt and didn't want to mess with it. I will look for a correct baseplate another time so I trimmed it a bit to clear the bolt. There are additional holes in the linkage to properly mount the throttle cable so I installed a new ball stud for the throttle linkage. One of the holes is actually in a better relative position to the throttle bracket than then carb that is coming out. Once the air cleaner goes on no one will know the difference in the meantime. I appreciate all the responses. I have been working on old cars all my life and every once in a while I get stumped. Didn't think to look at the carb before I restored it to check the baseplate. Right part number, wrong baseplate. Another lesson learned.
  12. I think it is the wrong baseplate. Number on the carb is 7040200 which from everything I researched is the correct carb.
  13. 70 SS 454 factory AC car. I found the numbers correct carb for the car but the throttle linkage is different than on the carb (incorrect carb for a 73 truck). When I installed the new carb the throttle linkage hits the rear mounting bolt for the AC bracket. Is the issue the bracket (I believe it is the correct BB bracket) or the linkage on the carb? Wondering if anyone has a picture of a 70 454 AC car they can share. If I need to swap out the linkage where do I find the correct one? Also, what is the name of the ball on the linkage where the throttle cable attaches? picture attached Pictures attached.
  14. Does anyone have a vacuum diagram for a 70SS? I finally got a numbers correct carb but the old one has a port that is blocked with the classic "just put a bolt in it" repair job. I cannot tell where this line is supposed to go as I don't see anything missing. I'll take an engine bay picture of both sides of the carb if someone has that handy.
  15. So I have a legit 70SS but noticed when I went to order the kit to rebuild the carb the part number didn’t line up to it being on a 70. It was a Carter built Q-Jet for a 74 manual trans car. Bummer! Question 1 - it was common for Carter to build carbs for Rochester but was it common in Monte Carlos built at Van Nuys? Question 2 - how can I tell what month my car was built? If I find a carb I would like to get the correct date code Question 3 - can someone share their carb part number assuming it is original to the car? The 7th digit should be even for any automatic and should be something like 7040200, 7040202, etc... I want to make sure I find the one with the correct 7th digit
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