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  1. Hey Bob, Where in NJ are you located? Thanks!! Mike
  2. If I remember correctly when I installed power windows (actually did it in all 3 of my Montes) there are adjustments for all directions of the glass in addition to the windows up and down stops. If you want to "tilt" the glass in or out at the top I think the adjustment as on the underside of the door. There is a bolt down there that allows the window "rod" to move in or out. Let me know if that is what you are looking for or not. I can always look at my spare doors for reference.
  3. I guess to make one of those you would have to take a Monte frame and switch it with the original one on the El Camino. Then use the Monte fenders, hood, etc. I actually have enough parts to make one. Just saying.
  4. Hey Darren, Thanks for posting the pic. I was actually thinking of white with a black stripe as the paint scheme. Did you use the original heads or go with aluminum heads? Also, can you put a roller cam in a BBC original engine? Did you paint or do some sort of Rhino lining in the bed. It looks black in the picture. Thanks everyone for your honest input and ideas!! Mike
  5. Yes I did consider the zz454 crate motor also. That would move the cost up to around $10,000. Maybe I should make that option #4.
  6. Ok, here is the situation. I recently purchased a 70 SS El Camino which I am going to bring back to life and save from the crusher. The car is a true SS 396 car and has the numbers matching drivetrain. The previous owner had done some engine work but I don't have any receipts to know what they did. In addition, the car was stored outside and water got into the engine. When I pulled the intake and heads, the pistons had standing water in them. The pistons and valves look new but have rust on them. It looks like the pistons say .060 on them. The motors turns but would have to be completely pulled apart and gone over/rebuilt again. Choices are: - Rebuild the original 396 engine as stock and put back into the car. Cost unknown? Thinking around $5,000 to $6,000? - Rebuild the original engine make make some upgrades (aluminum heads, roller cam, etc.). Cost unknown? Thinking $6,000 to $7,500? - Store original engine as is and purchase a crate motor to put into the car. Cost unknown? Probably GM ZZ6 Deluxe turn key engine (with EFI). Cost around $8,000? What would you do? I'm leaning towards option #3. Thanks!! Mike
  7. That's about as good as it gets. Very nice. Good luck with the sale!!
  8. It looks like they screw out like I thought.
  9. Why can't you just replace the broken part (the end knob)? Is that not possible? I would think it would screw out. Am I mistaken? I always cleaned and greased the crap out of the remote mirrors when i installed them. Never had a problem and they work really well.
  10. That's exactly what I found out and said earlier in this post. Keep in mind as time goes on these will be harder to find.
  11. I need to purchase some sheetmetal panels and basically see 2 main brands. AMD and Dynacorn. Which is better? Thicker? More accurate? Thanks!! Mike
  12. I've asked myself this question about a year ago because I have several 12-bolt rears as extras. I've been asking around and spoke to vendors and people looking for 12-bolt rears. These things are getting harder and harder to find. Here is what I came up with as a rule of thumb for me (just my opinion after research): - 12-bolt housing is worth $ 500 - good housing, doesn't have to have gears, drums, etc. No modifications. - 12-bolt original, working rear in good condition is worth $ 1,000 - drum to drum and in nice working condition. Any gear ratio, open or posi. Can be run without any mods. - 12-bolt completely, professionally rebuilt rear is worth $ 2,500 - Ready to bolt in, new axles, bearings, seals, posi unit, receipts included. Hope that gives you a general idea to go by. Thanks!! Mike
  13. Original ones in good shape are hard to find. They are typically very pitted after almost 50 years. The best bet is to purchase aftermarket ones. Good luck!! Mike
  14. Hey Willie, I'm not sure what these are but I may have them on my wrecked 72. Can you give me a better description or tell me exactly where they are located and I will look. Thanks!! Mike
  15. Thanks for sharing. Wish I had one of those machines in my garage.
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