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  1. Hey Bob, Nice find. That will keep you busy for a while. Where in PA are you located? I am in Center Valley 18034. I have lots of Monte parts if you need any along the way. Mike
  2. Hey Joe, I'm sure I have one around. I'm at a car show today so I can't look today. Let me know if you can't find one and I will look. Did you need one for a 70 or 71-72? Thanks!! Mike
  3. Hey Ian, It was very simple to install the bracket and solenoid. The kit (1950) was made for my carb (1904) so it fit perfectly. You will have to run a wire to it which supplies power when the key is turned on. I tapped off the HEI wire. I could have also tapped off the electric choke wire as well but the HEI was closer and a thicker gauge wire. If I get a chance this weekend I will post a pic. Thanks!! Mike
  4. Update: I installed the Demon 1950 Throttle Solenoid last weekend and set it up so the engine idles around 800 RPM when solenoid is engaged and around 500 RPM when it is not. That seems to have solved my problem. Also, the engine starts right up when I go to restart it. So I guess that was the answer to my problem. If I ever get the AC working correctly then I may readjust the settings but for now I am happy. Thanks!! Mike
  5. Hey Joe, Did you find everything you needed? If not let me know what you still need. Thanks!! Mike
  6. Hey Guys, Thanks for all of the responses and suggestions. Here is some additional info on my situation: - Fairly new GM ZZ4 crate motor (< 2,000 miles) with Hot Cam upgrade kit (400+ HP) - Already use premium fuel - I can't turn off while in gear because it is a 4 Speed Muncie (It works if I turn on the AC before shutting off) - Have already tried adjusting the timing and curb idle screws to no avail - Already use manifold vacuum I run a Demon 1904 carb and just ordered the 1950 Demon Throttle Solenoid Kit. I will be installing it this weekend and will post my results. Keep your fingers crossed!! Thanks!! Mike
  7. Hey Joe, Let me check on what I have as far as the base is concerned. I'm pretty sure I have at least one in the attic. In my experience, the after market trim pieces are not that great. They look good at first but don't seem to last long. I believe I have both rear NOS wheel well trims also. Let me check. Are you looking for any other parts? If so, email me your needs. Are you planning to attend Fall Carlisle? If so, shipping would be cheap!! Thanks!! Mike
  8. Hey Paul, I'm running a Demon 1904. I think the kit I need is a Holley 1950. What do you think? Can this be used to fix dieseling and as an AC stepup? Thanks!! Mike
  9. Yes I still have the original solenoid but am no longer running a Q-Jet so there is no place to mount it and probably wouldn't line up with the throttle linkage like it did before. Maybe I should be looking for one for my specific carb? Sounds like some more research is in my future. Thanks!! Mike
  10. Hey Paul, I tried that also. I usually like to keep the curb idle around 800 RPM and even went as low as 600 RPM. I didn't really change anything other then the idle speed. Thanks!! Mike
  11. After triple checking the engine timing and carb fuel mixture settings I'm still occasionally dealing with engine run-on. I've read that the best fix for "dieseling" is an electric solenoid in the fuel supply system to instantly stop fuel pressure once the engine is turned off. I'm not sure exactly what that means or where it goes. Has anyone dealt with this before and what did you do to fix it? Thanks!! Mike
  12. Hey Roger, There are some places out there that will "re-silver" you glass for you so it will look like new. Assuming your mirror is fine otherwise, that might be an option. Finding one without some level of fogging might be difficult since they are almost 50 years old. Good luck!! Mike
  13. Glad it worked out for you. I liked their product.
  14. Hey Doug, If Jeff doesn't want them I will let you know. Thanks!! Mike
  15. Hey Doug, sorry I don't have the power lock actuators.
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