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  1. I'm looking for a good replacement gas tank. Can anyone recommend a good brand and/or vendor? Nothing fancy, just a good replacement. Thanks!! Mike
  2. I believe the 71 vs 72 headlight extensions are different. Also, the turn signal/parking lights are in the 72 grille while the 71's have them in the bumpers. I'm sure you could make it work if you had to.
  3. I'll take it!! Isn't it great when a freshly painted car comes home for the first time? It looks like wet candy and so smooth!!
  4. The sleeves must be removed from the control arm. They are part of the bushings. The new bushings will come with an inner sleeve, an outer sleeve and rubber in between. Look at the pictures of the new replacement bushings. Good luck!!
  5. Sounds like it is either the sensor or a loose/bad wire connection. I'm guessing it is the sensor.
  6. I pulled the cover off to count the number of bolts holding the ring gear to the carrier and the count is "10". Therefore, I think it is technically a "10 Bolt" rear with a 12 bolt cover?? From what I am reading it sounds like it could be from a late 60s Pontiac. Does that sound about right? The only number I can find is "CFD8" on the housing. Strange. Thanks!! Mike
  7. I need some help with identifying a 12-bolt rear. I removed it from a 70 El Camino but I can't say for sure that it is original to the car. It has no axle codes on it and the rear cover looks different. It doesn't have the usual "V" shaped cover. Could the cover just be the wrong one? Are there any other places to look for numbers to figure out what it is? Thanks!!
  8. Sounds like power is not coming out of the relay. Check to make sure the relay is wired correctly. Also, the relay should be energized only when the key is on. That will allow power to leave the relay. Try bypassing the relay to see if all power windows work then. Good luck!!
  9. Hey Kevin, I have a pair of really nice fenders from my 72 Custom that was totaled last year but I think it will be really expensive to ship them. Planning any trips to PA in the future? Thanks!! Mike
  10. Hey Danny, Thanks for the offer but I think it will be the shipping that will cost the most. Trying to box up those large items in a way to keep them safe and then ship them will be very expensive. Let me know if you are planning any trips to PA. Lol. Mike
  11. That looks like a really nice, clean and complete setup. Wish I was closer. Good luck with the sale. Mike
  12. Nice set of Fender Skirts for sale near me. Thanks!! Mike
  13. Do you happen to have a vendor and part number of what you bought? I was thinking of switching mine over. Thanks!!
  14. What is involved changing from an A6 to S6 compressor? I assume you need to have 2 new ends made for the compressor. What about brackets? Anything else involved? Thanks!!!
  15. I agree with Jared. When you put an OEM part next to a Dynacorn part, you can't see the difference. But when you install it, Holly Cow. Not even close. I'm currently working on a 70 El Camino and nothing lines up correctly. There are many YouTube videos of guys cutting up and fabricating brand new crap aftermarket parts to get them to look and fit correctly. You may as well pay the extra money for NOS parts and save the aggravation and have better quality and thickness. I would be extremely surprised if anyone can make good aftermarket fenders for Montes. Keep in mind how long our fenders are. Or find good used ones and fix them correctly. You'll be better of. Just my 2 cents. Mike
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