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  1. No problem. Let me know if you need anything else. Mike
  2. Sorry. My custom was a small block so I can't help you with those parts Thanks for asking!! Mike
  3. Hey Dennis, I am assuming that you are looking for lights for a 71 Monte, correct? - Front Turn Signals (71) - They are the rectangular ones in the front bumper. Sorry, I do not have any. - License Plate Light (71) - I think they are the same for 70-72. Not year specific as far as I can tell. See pics below. - Backup Lights (71) - Lenses have a "71" on them. See pics below. As you can see in the pics, all of the light housings are in nice shape. All screw holes are nice, they are not stripped. Wires and plugs are in tact. The lenses are in nice shape also. No cracks o
  4. Sorry, the 2" cowl hood was one of the first items to sell. The rear defogger is part of the entire dash that I posted in the "For Sale" section about a few weeks ago. You can see pictures and full description there. Getting it to Vancouver is another story. Thanks!! Mike
  5. Will do. Did you need anything else? Thanks!! Mike
  6. Looks like it measures 3.5" by 4.25". I don't see any part number on it but I'm pretty sure it is the correct one. $10 + shipping from PA to OH, which shouldn't be bad. Thanks!! Mike
  7. I'm sure that I have one around. Would you like me to look and send some pics? Thanks!!
  8. Ah, that's what I needed to know. I was prying on either end and it didn't want to come out. Now that I pry on the sides, I did "pop" out. Thank you so much for the pics and responses. Mike
  9. Hey Joe, "Snap fit" worries me. I don't want to have a "break fit". Where should I pry on it? On which end? Thanks!! Mike
  10. Thanks Tom. I will keep that in mind in case my nervous go bad on me. Boy, InlineTube sure makes a lot of stuff for our cars now. When did that all happen?
  11. I need to replace the bulb in my Map Light Mirror. I'm pretty sure the bulb number is 562, but am not sure. Can anyone confirm for me? Also, any tips/tricks/pictures on removing the lens to get to the bulb? I did it years ago but I don't remember how it comes apart and don't want to break it? Thanks!! Mike
  12. I've seen ground wires from the chevelle metal inner fenders to the frame on some cars. Grounds are really important on these older cars. Mike
  13. I finally got some pics of the dash and went over everything as best as I could looking for any problems, etc. I found (2) very minor issues (shown in the pics) as follows: 1) One of the cluster mounting points has a small crack it in. Should probably be glued before using again. 2) A very small piece of one of the radio cones is missing. Never knew it until I looked. It does not affect the tightness of the radio probably because the radio bracket is very secure. Hard to see in the pictures. As I said earlier, the dash is from my 72 Custom. It has never been outside. It is f
  14. Just wanted to see if anyone was looking for a really nice dash from my 72 Monte Custom. I finally had some time to pull it out and will be posting some pics in the next day or so. Here are some general details: - Out of my 72 Custom - Factory Black - AC car - Nice woodgrain bezel - No Seat Belt Warning - Has rear defogger switch still in dash - AM Radio - All correct 72 knobs (radio, lighter, etc.) - Will probably leave many extra parts with it like: rear defogger switch, all 5 AC vents, ash tray, glove box, AM radio, lighter, etc. - Probably too big and fragile t
  15. Thanks for the find! It looks a little better than mine, but not by much. I will keep looking. Thanks!! Mike
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