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  1. I knew if you got one you wouldn't be disappointed. Glad you like it. When I put one in I couldn't believe the improved feel. I love mine.
  2. You may want to remove the existing one to see what condition the dash is in before making a decision. Sometimes the dash gets cut by previous owners. Does it have to work or just fill the spot? Good luck!
  3. What I have done in the past to keep the mat from moving around is I put the mat edge under the front seat bracket mounted to the floor. Thanks for all the great info!!
  4. What are you guys using for floor mats? The last set I purchased turned out to be crap. Thanks!
  5. I think I am going to give it a try. I'm going to remove all the pieces first so I know what condition the yoke is in before I order any new parts. Thanks for all the great info!!!
  6. Thanks guys!! That is a big help. - what size socket do I need for the nut? - is it hard to break loose? Wheels on the ground? - are the threads normal or reverse? Thanks!
  7. How hard is it to replace a leaking pinion seal on a 12-bolt rear? Does the rear cover and internals need to be removed or can it be done from the front? Is this kind of thing be left to a repair shop? I've read that the "car" seals can no longer be found and "truck" ones have to be used with modification. I'm sure someone out there must have done one. I have not. Thanks!! Mike
  8. I guess my question would be, does it "wander" by itself when you are not moving the steering wheel while driving? If so, that would imply to me something other then the steering box and column. If you have to continuously move the steering wheel back and forth to keep the car straight while driving, then that would imply to me that the issue is play in the steering box. After seeing the list of everything that you already replaced, I suspect your issue is with the steering box. It is easy to find a used steering box to swap out if you want to keep it original looking. I believe the 72 years had a quicker turning ratio. However, if you want it to be tight and really responsive (like newer cars) then maybe you should consider replacing the factory steering box with a Borgeson unit. Money well spent if you plan to keep the car for a while and drive it worry free. I put one in my 72 Corvette and it steers like it is on rails. Good luck! Mike
  9. Just be sure not to get the paint on anything but the channel and wear gloves. That paint is hard to remove later on from any unwanted areas. Also, some goggles. If any gets in your eyes you will be in the emergency room within hours. But that's a story for another day. Lol.
  10. If it was me, I would do the following: - remove all old weatherstripping from the channel with narrow putty knife - use a small wire brush to remove any old rubber pieces, loose paint and rust from the channel - tape off the areas around the channel - apply POR-15 to the channel with a good quality paint brush - glue new weatherstripping into channel after paint dries (at least 24 hours) Good luck!
  11. Lol. Yes I tend to get a little "shaky" when doing some of these projects because I don't want to mess them up. I also applied the Urethane to the channel instead of the glass in the past and just set the glass down on the Urethane. Never thought of applying it to the glass. I don't have suction cups that's why I didn't apply it to the glass. That stuff is kind of messy if you get it smudged or messed up while installing. Only want to do it once, right?
  12. Thanks Joe! That is great info. I didn't realize before that the factory used foam dam tape. I've installed several windshields many years ago and just used the primer and Urethane to make the seal. I never had any leaking issues and thought it came out pretty nice. I will let you know if I decide to used the foam dam tape. Thanks for the offer! Mike
  13. Thanks guys. That should give me enough info to get me started.
  14. Getting ready to install a new windshield. Can anyone recommend a good urethane to use? Thanks!!
  15. I believe the problem is that you are using the stock lower mounting bracket that is meant for stock manifolds and you are obviously now using headers. I believe you can purchase one meant for headers.
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