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  1. Maybe someone has an extra 12 bolt upper control arm laying around?
  2. Or maybe the spacer is on the wrong side of the water pump housing which would move it backwards?
  3. If the AC and alternator belts line up without any issues, then I believe you are correct about shimming the PS pump forward to get a better alignment. Is there any play where the PS pump bracket bolts to the Water Pump? Otherwise it will be difficult to shim forward.
  4. That looks pretty far off. Are you sure you are running the correct belts in the correct grooves? Is this an AC car?
  5. Check out this link starting at around the 22 minute mark. Does that help any?
  6. One clip (the one with the tabs) goes on the panel from the front side of the panel. The other clip goes on the switch. Nothing goes on from the back side of the panel. If that doesn't help maybe I can post some pics. Good luck!!
  7. Are these OEM or aftermarket lenses? Thanks!!
  8. Hey Mike, A couple of questions/thoughts for you. - Did the first top (that was bad) have a vinyl top on it? Maybe you could use that top for a pattern of where to place the studs. You could also get the locations for the "Monte Carlo" and "Custom" badges from there also. - Are you planning to put a "full" halo top on your car? That would make it a little more work. - Do you already have the vinyl trim pieces? You will have to put them together and lay them out on the car. Be sure to put tape on the new paint before doing any work. - I usually try to make patterns of where to put things using tape and making marks before doing any drilling or screwing. The molding strips are pretty thin so you have to be pretty accurate on your locations. - I would start at the rear corners and work my way forward. There is little room for error if you start at the rear corners and rear molding strip first. Just some thoughts.
  9. Hey Paul, Sorry my extra clock has white numerals. Good luck with your search. Thanks!!
  10. I will check tomorrow to see what I have and will let you know what I find. Thanks!!
  11. Hey Mike, Here are some pics of the 72 grille that I have. It is nice and straight, no cracks, dents or missing pieces but it does have pretty much pitting. I'm not sure it is better then yours but you be the judge. I also have a painted one if you decide to go that route. I have no need for either since I don;t have my 72 any longer.
  12. I will post some pics tomorrow after I get home from work. Thanks!!
  13. What condition are you looking for? I have a really nice painted one also.
  14. In my opinion, the cheapest, fastest way to improve all of your lights in your car is to switch to a 105amp alternator. It is a fairly easy job and will improve everything from your headlights to your instrument panel lights. Everything will work the same as stock, just brighter. Your battery will also last longer and crank the engine much faster. If after doing that you are still looking for brighter lights you can look at halogen or LED bulbs. Good luck!! Mike
  15. Hey Tom, I forgot to ask you what color you are converting your interior to. I have a lot of other 70 Astro Blue interior parts that might work for you also. I am in PA and you are in NY so we are not that far apart. I also go to Carlisle and Maple Grove over the summer so we could meet up and save you a ton in shipping costs. Thanks!! Mike
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