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  1. Sorry, no spares in the attic. Lol. Lots of places sell new ones. May have to purchase the console rear light also. Good luck!!
  2. There are (2) different wiring harnesses that connect from the dash to the console. 1 - intermediate harness 2 - automatic console harness The 2 harnesses are connected by a rectangular plug (4x2). Not sure what you have. Maybe something custom made. Here are some pics.
  3. That's exactly what they are. The neutral safety switch is in the console and is controlled by the shifter.
  4. I really like the POR15 products also and did not know they made Chevy Orange engine paint. Excellent. I will have to order some. Thanks again to this club and its members for being so helpful, as always. Mike
  5. I am planning to paint an engine soon. What do you guys recommend for paint? Any tips on prep before paint? Thanks!! Mike
  6. Glad it worked out for you. Better then having it sit in the attic. I always try to help out when I can. Thanks!!
  7. No big items. Just a lot of smaller items. I even sold the wrecked car shell and bent frame.
  8. Hey Dan, I can't find the jack from my 72 Custom so I guess it got sold somewhere along the way. Sorry. Thanks!! Mike
  9. Hey Dan, Let me check and get back to you. Thanks! Mike
  10. This one looks like a match but I will let you be the judge.
  11. Does anyone have a pic of what it looks like? Are all GM TH400 dipsticks the same? I think I have some in my attic on the "transmission section". Lol
  12. There are several harnesses that make up the entire wiring system in the car. They will be different depending on the year of the car and options that the car has. Maybe not all of the wires/harnesses are bad. If it were me, I would want much more detail about the problem before deciding what to do. What harness or wires are "fried"? What does the mechanic mean by "they aren't able to start it"? I've dealt with many wire harness but would need more detail to be able to help.
  13. I am aware of (2) different vacuum differences between the 70 model and the 72 model (maybe 71 also). They are both AC cars. First: The 70 year has a vacuum canister in the engine compartment while the 72 does not. Second: The 70 year has a vacuum operated heater value while the 72 model does not. Anyone know why they are different? Just curious. Are they even needed on the 70 since the appear to be absent on the 72? Thanks!! Mike
  14. Does anyone know where I can find the metal extensions that go between the front inner fender and radiator support? Also, are they different between 70, 71 and 72? Thanks!! Mike
  15. And I have the foams but no covers. Lol.
  16. I believe these are called "skins" as opposed to "full" quarters. I purchased a set of these years ago and I don't think they include the door jamb piece. Maybe they got better since then.
  17. The Legendary video is really good. Now I just have to receive my covers so i can get started. Good thing i ordered them back in March.
  18. Mine are still available but they are too big to ship without risk of damage. I am in PA (18034).
  19. I stand corrected. Cody is correct. ACI foams only have the vertical grooves. No horizontal ones. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks!!
  20. If you ordered new foams from Legendary, they should have "groves" in them for pulling these pockets into. I agree that if you fasten them to the springs, that is too much. I use the heavy wire from coat hangers in the pockets and zip ties to pull them towards the seat springs for the tension that looks good to you. If I ever get my seat covers from Legendary, that's what I'll be doing. Hope that helps. Good luck!!
  21. That's too bad. I was planning to attend but because of the heat and humidity, we decided not to go. I see attendance is down on most car shows this year. I hope it's not a sign of things to come.
  22. When I'm trying to diagnose a problem and don't know for sure what to replace first, I always chose the simplest, least cost part first. Wiper motor vs switch. Replace the switch first. After 50 years, it may need to be replaced anyway. Good luck!
  23. And I have to keep cutting my grass every 4 days in the hot sun!!
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