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  1. Thanks, now I just need to find the time to work on it!
  2. Well 27 months later I finally got the engine back from the machine shop. I had been distracted with other projects and work but I finally was able to push them to knock it out. It was line honed, decked (#s on pad were saved) bored .30 over, crank turned .10 under, scat rods, forged 9.5 to 1 JE pistons, balanced with flywheel and flex plate to run manual or auto, LS6 291 heads were redone but with the correct gasket can run the original LS5 280 heads, Comp Cam and double roller chain........ It's ready for final assembly but probably won't get to that until spring. One of the other projects I've been distracted with is the 2017 Chevy SS Sedan (AKA Holden Commodore SSV) with LS3 and T6060 manual trans. Last winter I added an LSA supercharger with a few extras and its putting down 663 rear wheel HP. It has way more power than traction at this point. Tempting to put a blown LS in the Monte but for now it's back to big block basics. Here is a link to the SS build.https://www.ssforums.com/forum/ss-owner-build-journals/170314-ss-m6-lsa-aka-cts-v-conversion.html
  3. Here are the photos from the chassis as I disassembled.
  4. Been collecting tanks for years. I think there is like 8 or 9 on the shelf and figured I'd have some plated while I was having other parts done. Plan to use one on this project since the tank was missing and give one to my brother for his '71 I sold him. The rest will be sold to help fund this project. I'm getting to the point where I want to sell off the parts I've collected over the years to free up space and the extra project money is nice too.
  5. Had some time to assemble the front brake assembly.
  6. Small world, he does do good work. Plating is only as good as the product you start with but he is very fickle when it comes to guality work.
  7. Also been working on the rear package tray and deck panel. I'm happy I was able to save the original deck panel. It's coming along nicely.
  8. Been a bit distracted with the '17 M6 SS sedan but back at it again. Dropped the body back on the chassis to install the shifter hump. Made sure to make a clean cut in the tunnel and save the cutout just incase the original M40 goes back in.
  9. It must have been karma finding a black hood for the black 70 SS. Man you weren't kidding that hood is clean and straight. It was great to have meet you and I hope to see your 72 in person one day! Again thank you for the jack cover and the hood. Your a true gentleman!
  10. What part of NC? Would you mind sending some photos?
  11. Taking a road trip from Florida to New York and would like to hit salvage yards that still have classic cars in the yard. Specifically looking for a first gen (70-72) Monte Carlo hood. I'd prefer a 70. Any suggestions? Do you have one?
  12. I'm sure the ladderbars are antiquated as I'm just going for period correct. There are better systems out there for sure.
  13. Thanks, Now I just need to find the time to execute the plan!
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