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  1. Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of my control, I cannot attend anymore. I was on the fence about it and would have loved to have made it.
  2. Rob, better late than never I suppose. Last Name: CzanknerFirst Name: RandyScreen Name: r.czanknerName Of Others In Your Party: Zach ConferTotal Number In Your Party: 2Home City & State: Northampton PAArrival Date: 6/20Depart Date: 6/23Driving/Trailering: drivingCar Year: 71Car Color: Classic CopperVinyl Top: Yes, BrownStock/Street/Modified: stock Hotel: yesRoom Type (Qn/Qn, Qn/Qn Suite, King or King Suite): qn/qnEmail Address: r.czankner@gmail.com
  3. Rob, I will be arriving Thursday morning sometime. Depends on traffic.
  4. Rob, calling in tonight to register. For Carlisle. Coming out either Weds night or Thurs Morn
  5. Great video, Aaron! It was great for you to come to an eastern meet!
  6. I think this is worthy of its own topic. In looking at the booklet for the schedule, look what club ended up being the top of the “Showfield Highlghts” page. I see my 71 and Rob’s ‘70 (and even Rob, plus a whole bunch of other First Gens). Pretty cool picture!
  7. R170 and number 93. Would have been earlier but I kept forgetting to register. Whoops. At least it looks like we are close to the grand stands and food!
  8. Rob, Not sure if I received the email. I also have to push coming out until Thursday from Wednesday.
  9. Finally remembered to do it today! Senior moment until this point. Last Name: Czankner, Jr. First Name: Randy Screen Name: r.czankner Name Of Others In Your Party: Zach Total Number In Your Party: 2 Home City & State: Northampton, PA Arrival Date: Wednesday 6/20 Depart Date: Sunday 6/24 Driving/Trailering: Driving Car Year: 1971 Car Color: Classic Copper Vinyl Top: Yes, Brown Stock/Street/Modified: Stock Hotel: Fairfield inn Room Type: Qn/Qn Email Address: r.czankner@gmail.com
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