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  1. I wanted to ask for body tags from all Baltimore cars since more tags without the F for non-SS cars contribute to confirming the theory. It reduces the possibility of a non-SS car having the F. If the F for example was for something related to the load levelling system, all SS454s would have plus a few non-SS cars and therefore the F may not be proof of an SS. This is why we need to see tags from non-SS Baltimore cars also to help prove our theory.
  2. The F only appears to show up on 1971 SS454 Montes built in Baltimore. It is speculated the F was to tell the body builder to paint the rear panel black but that’s simply a guess.
  3. I would think that was impossible to happen. One of those must have been switched. Do you still have the blue sticker on the driver’s door with the vin typed on it? There is a VIN stamped on the firewall below the heater fan. I believe you would need to remove the plastic inner fender to see it. I would also look at the partial VIN on the engine and trans (if original to the car). The resources section of our site can help you with the location of those. I’m curious which plant those are from and if they match the VIN or not.
  4. 70-72 Montes did not have an overflow bottle. They simply have a tube that spits out the excess on the ground.
  5. I really just think it stands for Baltimore since every Baltimore built Monte seems to have it. That’s just a guess though. As far as the F meaning it is a 71 SS, I’m not sure I’m ready to say that is a sure thing. I have not found anything that suggests it isn’t correct but the sample size isn’t large enough to fully conclude on that. I’ll continue to check tags at the meets or any other 71 Montes I see. The evidence so far sure points to it being correct though.
  6. The red 70 SS sold for $61k The black 70 SS sold for $27k
  7. Mine came from ACC. It was a very thin clear backing.
  8. I had to peel off the clear backing then stick it down.
  9. I also got the mass backing. I installed the factory style sound deadening material on the floor boards when I did mine.
  10. My red 71 SS I had was a 3 core rad. When it needed repair a local rad shop was able to make it a 4 core with the original tanks. Fit in nicely and looked stock but with better cooling.
  11. I typically like to clean off all the old insulation and sound deadening the best I can and start fresh for the new product. If it is really stubborn and a scraper would not pull it up then I left it. The Monte Carlo had the coloured cardboard package trays. None had the mesh when new. If you have speakers or the rear defogger you will need to cut holes for those and insert your original grills.
  12. The tar insulation goes directly on the floor board. Mine had a backing that peeled off so it stuck down to the floor board.
  13. The emissions decal on the driver's side was on all Monte Carlos. Both of mine were built in Baltimore. I had a Van Nuys built 72 and it had both decals.
  14. I just finished putting this together. Terry was a Beatles fan so this seemed like a good song choice.
  15. There was a member giving out those upper radiator hose straps at a couple of the Western Meets. Not sure if he still has some but I’ll contact him.
  16. Radiator cover decal placement: Cooling decal on the left and Emissions decal on the right. Decal placement for the small radiator Decal placement for the more common larger radiator. Note that this is a 1971 and the engine emissions decal is larger than the 1970 decal but the location is the same.
  17. I suspect the VIN is actually 1H57H2B665806 The 7th character should be a “B” not an “8”.
  18. It is certainly possible. A few years ago I was able to find the current owner of a 71 Monte and send him some documentation I had. It was a couple years after I originally posted it here and he found the post when he googled the VIN. 🙂 I’ll share this post to our Facebook page.
  19. Canuck

    2022 FGMCC Western Meet


    At 2:47 is my 70 Monte. Misty Turquoise with white vinyl top.
  20. I would simply go to a good exhaust shop and have them put in a custom bent dual exhaust. That’s what I did to my 72 Monte I had.
  21. Unfortunately my expertise is limited to clicking the upgrade button, LOL. I suggest messaging Ian to see if it is something he can help with.
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