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  1. I agree with you on that one. I’ll take the cool weekend we had which overall wasn’t bad.
  2. The location of the meet changes every year. Photos from the Ashland meet will be posted on the forum soon.
  3. This meet is coming together nicely. Now that the Western Meet is over, I'm really looking forward to this one!
  4. It’s time to start the planning for it. Already checking out hotels etc. 😎
  5. 2023 Western Meet Logan, Utah June 29-July 2, 2023 The 2023 Western Meet will be held in Logan, Utah. The event we are attending is the Cache Valley Cruise In which has a show and shine, poker run, scenic cruise, swap meet, car givaway, and more. I will follow up with other details soon. I’m excited to attend a meet in a state we haven’t been to before. https://cvcacruisein.com/
  6. So far this meet there have been three alternators and two transmission vacuum modulators purchased by members. We’re still all having a great time though.
  7. New alternator is in. Back in business.
  8. First day of travel yesterday to Hood Rover, OR. Started off in the rain but was nice later in the day. The Gen light came on as we rolled into Hood River. Met up with other club members and had a nice dinner. We determined the issue with the car is the alternator and will pick one up this morning before continuing to Lincoln City.
  9. I think my next step will be to put on new pads and clean the rusty edges of the rotor. I leave for the Western Meet today so I will do it after I get back. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the squeaking when I roll into the club parking lot. 😎
  10. I have not checked but I don’t believe that’s the issue. If I apply the brakes the squeak stops.
  11. It’s almost here!!! April and I hit the road in the 71 SS tomorrow.
  12. Yesterday I finally got around to pulling the calipers. I sanded the pads, sanded the rotors, bent the clip for the inner pad slightly so it holds the pad nice and tight, used disc brake quiet, bent the tabs on the outer pad so they are tight to the caliper and lubed up the caliper pins. I still have the squeak. For all the pads Ive changed over the past 25 years on multiple Montes I’ve never had this issue. I believe these pads are 15-20 years old if that makes a difference. The person that put these pads on used RTV where the pad meets the caliper likely to fix this squeak. I scraped all that off to see if that helped but didn’t make a difference. The sound certainly sounds like the front brakes but I’ll pull the drums off to inspect those just in case. Meanwhile, when I cruise the beach… eeek, eeek, eeek, eeek, eeek…. LOL My 12-year-old daughter was interested in what I was doing today. She learned how disc brakes work.
  13. I'm putting together a mini-meet in Summerland, BC on Sep 10-11. We will be attending a car show and I will also organize a cruise. I'll call this the Making Up For Lost Time Mini-Meet. Itinerary Saturday Sep 10th - Endless Summer Show and Shine 8am-4pm This is a great little show in the park with 300-350 cars, live band in the band shell, awards and door prizes. Pre-registration for the Endless Summer event is not open yet but I will let you know when it is available. There’s also the Summerland Fall Fair the same day as the car show. This is a nice alternative if you are bringing someone who doesn’t want to sit at the car show all day. https://www.summerlandfallfair.ca/ Both events are walking distance from the hotel. Sunday Sep 11th - Monte Carlo Cruise 10am-4pm Cruise through the Okanagan Valley. I have a great route planned for the day with several scenic stops along the way. One stop in particular has great views and a ton of vintage autos. Rosedale Motel info I recommend you book as soon as you can if you plan to attend since there are two events happening in Summerland that weekend. This is the same hotel we have used at for several Western Meets. https://www.rosedalemotel.com/ The Okanagan Valley For those that have not been here this area offers huge lakes, great scenery, hundreds of wineries and several beaches. This will be a great time! Please let me know if you are coming so I can plan accordingly. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
  14. Sad day. Never met her but remember the car well from meet photos.
  15. Almost single digits!!! This calls for some bananas!
  16. Working on packing. There’s a lot of stuff to fit in here being the meet coordinator (awards, door prizes, club banner, swag, etc). I’m trying to use all available space in the trunk.
  17. Just a 15 minute drive away… 🙂 I’m home today if you want to come by and take a look.
  18. April and I will hit the road in the 71 Monte in just 9 days! We're looking forward to the road trip in the Monte. We are taking an extra day to drive some of the Oregon coast with a few other members. At this Western Meet we'll have members from Oregon, California, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Washington, British Columbia and Alberta. Roughly 1/3 of those members are driving more than 500 miles to attend with two of them over 1,000 miles. It is not too late to join us!
  19. Two weeks from today we’ll be on a cruise to various locations in the Medford area. We’ll also have the FGMCC dinner with awards and door prizes. It will be a fun day!
  20. Two weeks from today we’ll be at the Medford Cruise Show n Shine and cruising the streets of downtown Medford.
  21. Yes. There’s a few people in the club that have this size on their car.
  22. Two weeks today we'll be doing the Poker Chip Fun Run as part of the Western Meet. We'll have 7 states and 2 provinces represented at this Western Meet!
  23. This month we fill a couple hotel parking lots with First gen Montes for the Western Meet and Eastern Meet. I can’t wait to see that sight in person again. Sorry for the Mopar in the second photo. The silver lining is that the owners of the Mopar joined our club and has since purchased two first gens because they enjoyed the meet so much!
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