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    Welcome to the FGMCC store where you can find all your official club apparel and accessories!

    This merchandise is available to

    The items on this page are available through Scott, our Store Operator. To place an order for these items, Click Here.
    Note: For overseas orders contact Rob (
    Rob29Ford@aol.com) for actual shipping costs

    MRFronttn.JPG Montes Rock T-Shirts


    SmallCover.jpg Radiator Cover Show Panel with FGMCC Club Logo


    WhiteShirt101tn.jpg Short-Sleeve T-Shirts


    fgmccpatchth.jpg FGMCC Patches


    Tank101tn.jpg Men's Tank tops


    WomensTank1tn.jpg Women's Tank Tops


    Sweatshirt1tn.jpg Sweatshirts


    LightJacket1tn.jpg Light Jackets


    Jacket106tn.jpg Letterman Jackets


    Hat103tn.jpg Hats


    LargeDecal1tn.jpg Large Decal


    LicensePlate1970tn.jpg License Plates


    To place an order for the above items, Click Here. Note: For overseas orders contact Rob (Rob29Ford@aol.com) for actual shipping costs

    Choosing the right fit and caring for your garments:

    Order your normal size and shrink to fit, if needed.

    Even though all shirts are top quality, pre-shrunk material, they will shrink if washed or dried on high heat settings.  Most are fuller cut to allow for this shrinkage, however...if washed and dried several times with high heat they will shrink each time until they have shrunk as much as they are going to. Typically 1.5-2.0 inches in width, 1.5-3 inches in length. We recommend that you try the shirt on prior to washing to see how much, if any, it needs to shrink, then wash and dry (or hang to dry) accordingly.

    Never dry a printed garment in a commercial dryer.  They get too hot and could re-melt the ink, creating a mess in the dryer and on the garment.

    A note from the Supplier:

    While the products themselves are imported, they are distributed by American companies and made to their specifications.  Some are made with American fabrics.

    ALL screen printing is done with pride in our own shop, IN THE USA!  Everything is directly screen printed onto the item by hand.  We do not apply "transfers" of any kind in our decorating.  Any embroidery is done by one of the top shops here in Colorado, which is a small company like ourselves.  We do not buy sub-standard "cheap" imports, send products off-shore to be decorated or use "cheap labor".


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    More products such as mugs, clocks, license plate frames and other great products are also available to be purchased online at our other online store.

    Mugs & Bottles

    Other Items

    License Plate Frames

    Stickers & Buttons

    Apparel & Bags

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