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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, Just stopping by to say hello. I have a 1972 with a 402 BB all original with 35k miles. Slowly working on resorting it back to show room quality.
  2. Finally got signed up and given COVID-19 I certainly have the time to reach out. I purchased this '72 Monte Carlo about 18 months ago. Its a 350 cu 4-bbl automatic with buckets seats and console. Orange Flame Iridescent with black interior. It is almost identical to one I owned in college except the first one had a saddle interior. I sold it in Houston in 1983 and wished I never did. And seriously, I've been looking for another for more than 10 years. Since acquiring this one I have made numerous repairs to the electrical system including replacement of all the gauges (U14) but the speedo, installed new springs, fuel sender and added an electric fan. The engine was rebuilt 6,000 mile ago, I'm told. Compression check and dyno seems to confirm. Next on the on the list; A/C reinstall and new upholstery. I will send more photos soon. Look forward to being connected to all you guys. Be well.
  3. Happy Easter, I'm a new member. I have a 70 monte that I begged my Dad to buy off Grandma/Grandpa when I was 12 or 13. He paid $500 and we drove it home from Indiana to northern Wi. I always loved her car and now I had my first and favorite car. I worked on it and fixed it up over the years. I did a lot of stupid teenager stuff to it, but loved it. Then I moved out of state and interests changed, car sat outside, got moved around and forgotten about. Now I'm back into it and restoring as a restomod. I'm really looking forward to driving it again and only wish Grandma/Grandpa were still alive to take a ride in it whenever it's done. Don't make fun of my shirt..lol😂
  4. Hello everyone, I am RTeeJay, or RTJ for short. I bought my 72 Monte Carlo in the Spring of 2016. I have enjoyed going to cruises for the last couple years, especially since I would be one of few first generation Montes in a crowd of Camaros/Mustangs/Mopars. Unfortunately I join with the hope of facilitating the sale of my Monte. I will make a separate for sale post, but I look forward to reading through all the information here. Here are a couple pictures of the "big blue beauty."
  5. Just saying hi to every1 on the form/club from Minnesota. I picked up a 1970 Monte 402 last summer for my project car/ father&son. I will working on it the Monte in the mean time, tell my boy gets a little older, I plan on starting the car up in the spring. The car hasn't run since 1985. I've replaced the engine harness, Front lamp harness, Gas tank, Fuel sender, New spark plugs, New spark plug wires, Starter, Fuel line, Change the oil and I've just rebuilt the Carb. I'm hoping it will start right up the year. I sprayed the cylinders with fogging oil multiple times before turned the motor over by hand.
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