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Need help removing my cluster


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Hi guy's I'm new here I have 1972 monti carlo  - trying remove the gauge cluster speedometer to replace the clock with a tachometer. Can any 1 help with this. The things I got my self into.



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Someone here has that procedure written down very nicely.

I have removed my 71 entire dash 3 times over the years but never just "leaned" it back to remove the cluster. Be careful, the plastic is brittle.

I have a shifter on the column so the little wire that makes the PRND12 move is of high priority.

Looks like you have a floor shifter so that may not be an issue.

Here are some pictures that may help. I have a 71 with factory gauges, NO A/C, Stereo two speaker dash pad.




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James, you can get the instrument cluster out to upgrade, repair or replace the clock/gauges without completely removing the dash (fortunately).  But you do have to loosen and pull it toward you enough to remove the cluster from the dash housing.  That is one of the things covered in the photo journal I made when I converted my idiot light instrument cluster to a stock full gauge cluster.  Here's the link: Full Gauge Cluster Upgrade


This is a great time to convert to LEDs if you are so inclined.  That is also covered in the above photo journal.


If you go to the full gauge cluster, you get to keep your clock.  If it is not working, it may be possible to repair it while you have the dash apart.  I found three separate problems with my non-working clock but I was able to fix all of them and the clock is still running fine after three years.  Here's a link to a photo journal on repairing the dash clock: Repairing a Dash Clock


Good luck.

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My circuit trace is blowing 3 amp fuse for instrument lights. Trying to figure out if I can replace that without pulling the fragile dash. What a nightmare. Thanks.

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