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Headliner install tips from RichG

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I copied this off the old site and moved it over here for future reference, seemed like some great info that could be useful to many in the future....Thanks Rich!!

Originally posted by RichG on the old site


Sorry for the long post BUT- Yes, re-install all the screws and seat belt bolts in proper places, snugged down, but not torqued, you just want to be able to find them when you are finished. You should pull the headliner snugly to get rid of the wrinkles, cautious use of a hair dryer will help. Don't go overkill pulling or you will tear the stitching out. Mark the bows when you take them out of the old headliner. It is critical to return them to their proper spots. Also, there are 3 closely grouped holes for each bow, mark which holes were used when you remove the bows and re-install bows in the proper holes. Gently clean each bow with steel wool to help them slide in the bow pockets a little easier. When you hang the headliner, start with the center bow that clips in by the dome light. Work the next bow towards the windshield into place. Start pulling the wrinkles out. Use small binder clips ( from office depot etc) to hold it in place. You may have to make a small slit in the bow pocket about an inch from each end to help get the wrinkles out, look at your old headliner for a guide. When you get that section worked the best you can, install the next bow towards the windshield and work as before. Once you reach the windshield, clip it in place with binder clips and move to the sections from the dome light towards the rear window, work it just like you did the front sections. Once it's all clipped in place, use 3m 77 spray adhesive (!!! follow directions on the can !!!! we usually don't bother but you must for this stuff) starting at the center section, remove the binder clips and carefully spray the glue as directed on the can. When that section is glued, move to the next and so on. There are little barbs on the side retainer strips that will help hold the headline in place. When all clips are removed and glue process is finished, carefully find each screw /bolt and cut a very SMALL X on the screw head with a fresh razor blade. Gently work the headliner over the screw heads. Re-cover the earmuffs by removing the old headliner from them, gently scrape / sand the old adhesive off (you want a clean smooth surface). Lay out the new fabric leave a little extra. Follow the glue directions and spray the adhesive on the back side of the ear muffs so that the griping is done on the side of the earmuff board you don't see when mounted in the car. Trim of excess material and install earmuffs. Finally, install the windlace /window trim which helps retain the headliner then remove screws and install mirror, visors, belts etc. Take your time, gently work the wrinkles from the center out, pull snugly but don't overkill. Good luck

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