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70 Monte Trans Filter / AutoZone warning

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Here's a tip that some may find useful. Whenever I go buy a car part at one of the "computer" stores, if I know that the part I want is the same for the same year Chevelle, I tell them I have a Chevelle. I get the right part pronto.


If I then ask them if this item is the same for the same year Monte, they often tell me they don't even have a listing for that part.


Curious, but true.


Andrew Offutt

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Since we are talking about starters, I ask the guy for a starter for a '71 chevy with a big-block. He pushes some buttons then replies "standard or automatic trans"?

Maybe it's just me, I thought a chevy starter was a chevy starter. I know he wants to get me the right part but is a manual trans starter different?

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Stick trans and 454 use a cast iron starter nose. The 350 & 400 turbo cars use the aluminium "cross bolt" nose, and the powerglide cars, which use the smaller flywheel, have the "long and short" aluminium nose, same as Cadillac. The cast iron nose uses a slightly shorter bolt than the cross bolt nose.

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manual or AT, AC or not are standard questions that the software just asks for


btw.. if you don't mind waiting a few days


www.partsamerica.com that's the website for 'advance autoparts' great company to deal with, I take all my business there unless I'm in a hurry, then I might hit autozone since it's just around the corner.

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I worked at a non-chain auto parts store for a lil while. The computer asks the same questions no matter what part you want....we just didn't ask the customer the obviously irrelevant ones. Its pretty funny that most auto part stores chain or not use the same computer program. At least I find it funny lol


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