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30 Years later...

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I bought my first Monte Carlo in 1988. It was a rust bucket with a freshly rebuilt 402 backed with a turbo 400. The body was completely shot, and I had a 1979 Monte Carlo with a great body but a locked up V6. So naturally I snatched the Big Block out of the rust bucket and dropped it in the Mid sized Monte... I ruled the street racing scene for daily drivers in Mobile, Alabama for several years until i sold it in 1994. Built a couple other cars since then, but have always wanted another first gen Monte Carlo. So when I recently decided to get another toy, A MC was high on list. I found her on eBay. Great Hot Rod about 70% complete but needing to be finished. I waited until there was 30 seconds left in the auction, threw my Max bid + $1 at it and watched the last couple seconds tick off... I won the car!


Now just to finish her off the way I want!


Her name is "Selene" 





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That is a beautiful 70 Monte.  Welcome to the boards, we hope you like what you see here and decide to become a full fledged dues paying member of the club.


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Thank you all! Glad to be here... The Paint is a Mercedes Benz color called "Brilliant Diamond Silver" 


Project for the next couple weeks is new dash and guage package, Stereo and speakers, Sound isolation, Moving the seats bacl (I'm 6'2") and Matching lock cylinders throughout the car! 


Could an Admin guide me through becoming a Full fledged member??

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