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2018 Western Meet: FRIDAY CRUISE ROUTE

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For those joining the western meet cruise on Friday -- here is the route we are planning on:



The Drive will begin at 10am, and be about 2.5 hours in length (70-80 miles). There will be a few stops to break up the trip. We will have a picnic lunch toward the end at Marchesi Vineyards (we have a private area)


NOTE: Many of us are heading to the beach after the drive! If you want to stick around for personal-planned actives / beach-time after... be sure to bring the correct attire. It is a great location... and water temp of the Columbia should be excellent in August.




This is a very special route, as part of it will be traveling on Columbia River Highway 30

NOTE: This road is historically important, as it is one of the very first paved roads in North America developed around 1914. It was engineered by Samuel Hill -- who was a pioneer in developing surface-paving substrates now used on roads all over the world.


We will be traversing through the famous Rowena Curves - a road that has been featured in car commercials all over the world, as it has several sweeping turns and switchbacks.


After the curves, we will stop for photos of our cars at Hood River Port Marina Park- which overlooks the Columbia River.


From there, we'll drive through fruit Orchards, and climb a gradual incline to about 4,000 vertical feet up the Mount Hood Highway. (We won't be driving all the way to the summit, only part way up)


We'll then head back down through some sweeping mountain roads to historic Parkdale, OR for a fantastic view of the mountain from the town (photo op).


After this - the final destination will be Marchesi Vineyards , where we will have a picnic lunch


From here - you are on your own. As stated above - some of us are heading to the beach (if its not too windy), or head back to the Dalles (20 minutes on I-84 E), or stop by the tourism office and get info on touring the town / shopping / ice cream / wineries / breweries etc.


Hood River is an amazing place, and I'm excited to share my town with everyone!!!

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