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2018 Western Meet photos

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We had a great time at  the Western Meet. Other than Thursday being extremely hot the weather was great the rest of the weekend. There were 18 members in attendance and 17 Monte Carlos. It was great to see everyone again and also meet the members who attended their first club event. More details to come in the next FGMCC newsletter.


FGMCC Awards:

Best interior - Tom Kelly 70

Best Paint - Jack Young 72

Best Engine - Matt Hilla 72

Best Non-Restored - Craig Anderson 70 SS454

Best Modified - Don Robertson 72
Best Street - Doug Cameron 72 Custom

Best Stock - Aaron Dodsworth 71 SS454

Members' Choice - Don Robertson 72

Meet Director's Choice - Dave Fast 70

Longest Owned - Tom Kelly 70 (36 years)

Longest Distance Driven - Derry Wright 70 SS454 (1,007 miles)

Hard Luck - Pat Trottier 70 SS454 (Master Cylinder)

Recognized Member - Doug Cameron 72 Custom


Show in the Shade Awards:

Best 70's - Jack Young 72

Longest Distance - Derry Wright

Club Participation - FGMCC


Dufur Car Show Awards:
70's Modified - Jack Young 72

70's Stock - Jay Marsh 70 SS454

2000's - Tom Kelly 70 (We're still scratching our heads about this one trying to figure out how a 1970 Monte Carlo can win this class. Haha)


Photos to come!


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What a GREAT event it was!  :party:   Meeting the New Members and reconnecting with the others made this one special.  Of course Life presents challenges that prevent Members from attendance and you All were in my thoughts also.  Hope to see everyone next Year  What a diverse group of individuals all with the same passion for our cars and it shows during these events.

It almost encompasses the effort(s) made by those members who were instrumental in ensuring it's success.  So, as always, a very Special Thanx to Aaron and April for their endless efforts making those events so memorable for the rest of us who have attended.  Matt & Christine mapped our Beautiful Friday Cruise Route and provided the logistic help & Lunch in making this a very Scenic and pleasurable experience.  The views were epic

A Special Thanx to all (4) of you for making this one of the best in my memory.  I say this every time, Gonna be a tough one to beat but somehow they do................. :2beers:

Looking forward to the Longer drive up to Penticton next year.  Thanx to everyone in Attendance for their contribution.......................

Until next Year  :coffee2: 



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That looks like such a great event!   I really like the fact that you actually cruised together through the countryside.   That part is missing from the car scene down here and that's the most fun!

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I really like the fact that you actually cruised together through the countryside.


We do cruises during every Western Meet which is fun for everyone. Even if someone attends the meet without a car they can ride in other members' cars.

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