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2019 Western Meet Q&A

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I thought this might be helpful for those of you considering attending the FGMCC Western Meet in June but not sure about how it all works, how to get registered, crossing the border into Canada, etc don't hesitate to ask me questions either as a reply or send me a private message. I will post some common questions/answers below.


Q: What happens during the meet?

A: We attend an existing event and add our own FGMCC activities to the mix. In 2019 the Western Meet is attending the Peach City Beach Cruise. This is a 3-day event with 850 cars, cruises, car show, vendors, entertainment, car auction, farmers market, etc. The car show takes place along the beach of Okanagan Lake. We add on a day for our own cruise. We also have our own awards and door prizes for the FGMCC group. In the evenings we all get to know each other well at the hotel and sometimes stay up way too late.
Here is the photo album and writeup for the last meet in Penticton: http://www.firstgenmc.com/album/17WMeet/17WMeet.shtml


Q: How many members are expected?

A: The last two meets in Penticton had 27 members and 25 members. We expect 30 or more in 2019.


Q: How far do people travel to these events?

A: In 2017 the long distance award went to a member who drove her 1971 Monte Caro over 1,400 miles to Penticton. There were also several members who drove a distance of 600 to 1,200 miles also. This year we expect members from Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia.


Q: Can I attend without a Monte Carlo?

A: Yes. Some members attend without their car each year just to participate in the meet activities and meet other 70-72 Monte enthusiasts. A great place to make some connections in the club and learn more about these great cars.


Q: Do people drive or trailer their cars?

A: Both. There are more people who drive than trailer typically. Depends on personal preference. There will be trailer parking available by the hotel. Note that only those who drive their Monte Carlo to the meet are eligible for the FGMCC long distance award.


Q: What kind of awards does the club have at the meet?

A: We usually have roughly 12 FGMCC awards categories voted on by other club members.


Q: I have never been to Canada before. Any advice?

A: The good thing for those in the US is that the exchange rate is in your favor making the hotel and food in Canada cheaper than the US.

So far no members have had any issues crossing the border either way for meets. If you have a valid passport and make sure you don't bring any prohibited items through you will be fine. Be sure to check out Canada Customs and US Customs sites for information on entry into Canada and re-entry into the US.

Penticton is only an hour North of the Washington border.


Q: My wife is not a car person and thinks she will be bored. What do the spouses do?

A: People who attend the meets quickly realize it becomes more about the people than the cars. There will be some car talk and such but nobody is left out. Some of the wives go visit the local attractions. The area of the meet has a lot to offer for everyone: scenery, beaches, wineries, shopping, etc. The car show itself is right next to Main Street in Penticton where there are downtown shops as well as the huge farmers market on the day of the car show.

During one of the first small meets I put together one of the wives was not thrilled to come to a car show for 3 days so she brought a book to read. She did not read any of it all weekend and was surprised she had such a great time.


Q: What is the weather like in Penticton?

A: At the end of June the temperatures are between 75 and 100 degrees. The last two Western Meets there were in the low 90s all weekend. This valley is fairly dry and gets very little rain in the summer months.


Q: My Monte Carlo is not a "show car". Can I bring it to the meet?

A: Yes, you can bring your Monte Carlo. The meets are not just about restored show cars. We even have a Best Non-Restored award class.


Q: I can't bring my Monte Carlo but I want to put another car in the show. Will I be able to park with the FGMCC at the show?

A: Yes. We will ensure you have a spot next to the FGMCC group.


Q: What do I need to do if I am attending the FGMCC Western Meet?


1 - let me know that you are attending. This is important so I know the size of the group for planning purposes.

2 - Book your hotel ASAP. The hotel will fill up quickly. The information is on our web site.

3 - register for the Peach City Beach Cruise ASAP as it will sell out.


Q: What is the itinerary for the Western Meet?

A: The itinerary is posted here:



Q: I don't have enough vacation time to attend the whole meet. Can I just attend only a couple days of the meet?

A: Yes. Many members will arrive Wednesday night and leave Monday morning but some members choose to attend less days if they cannot make the entire meet.


Q: I would like to camp during the meet instead of staying at the hotel. Is there camping nearby?

A: Yes. There is a campground close to the hotel. Send me a message if you would like more information.


Q: Is there more than just Monte Carlos at this show?

A: Yes, this event has 850 cars and a lot of great things to see during the weekend.


I will update if any other general questions arise.

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