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Hey all,

My name is Patrick, from upstate NY near Albany,new member (I think) I have been on here for years but finally just joined as I actually have a monte again. Had one about 12 years ago and had to get rid of it, finances not right at the time. I may have joined then, but don't remember. Now I shopped around and finally picked up a 71. Untouched for the most part motor untouched has been repainted and had some quarter repair. Not because of rust but look like it got hit and repaired. Pretty solid car for the most part , not as many surprises as I thought . Will try to post some pics as I progress. Its going to go black , black vinyl top and interior going to buckets as well. Probably not all at once but as finances allows. Inspired by all the work and knowledge you guys have on here. So I will post and will wait for you guys to tell me where I am going wrong LOL. Hope to meet some new people on here too and hopefully hit some of the meets and swap stories . Thanks for looking.


the day I brought home m1.jpg.abd673f9c87dad92db94bd7d1c44cef3.jpg




about 2 hours after I brought home needed the rallys and tires on it.monte.thumb.png.05e20cb9686fa4de1f15edaaa794a524.png

Untouched under hood


Lost timing chain out it comes


threw this together till we build the original with parts we had aroundm5.jpg.37afd8227997d95d4ed59f6d801116b9.jpg

Loosing some originality .. mixed emotions about this..


Winters here time to start stripping,hoping to get ready for paint by spring AKA Mayish, relatively clean



woops here is a little by back window (typical)m10.jpg.c555c01996b8d57bc3c1bdc7d1143873.jpgm21.jpg.971a15c9638d60000c284dd129627e94.jpg 3 rounds of blocking hopefully getting ready for sealer and paint, moving on to other areas


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All, I know it won't look like I did much , but finally got the top trimmed and done .. took a bit to be cautious, and cleaning the trim and finding the emblems holes .. but the top I think is bu

Hey All, Hope everyone is staying safe and keeping healthy. Just an update , finally got everything wet sanded after spraying base and got it cleared today. Will hopefully start reassembly in the

Hey All, Just an update of recent progress. Started sandblasting the rear bumper brackets hopefully get the new bumper installed this week, Finally got the remaining parts delivered for the front

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Thank you guys ,  hoping to keep the momentum going . Will be doing a lot of reading and searching for ideas or different things you all have been doing to your montes. Really love these cars and this site.

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Wow, you are really getting into the nitty gritty of your restoration.  I wish I had the time and work space to do something like that. Welcome back and keep the pictures coming, we really love em.



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Thanks again all .. and Steve just looked up the Syracuse Nationals , would love to make it there and hopefully have it done by then.  So a couple more pics digging into it tonight and some questions .I found there was a old mouse nest and leaves etc..in the cowl and rotted the cowl out, cut it out will sandblast and patch it. My question is does anyone know if there should be a drain hole there at the bottom ? Neither the passenger side or this side looks like it drains and seems like it should . Thanks for the help.

Look what I found. m22.jpg.865de5899121f3a96d835a97f6f41e27.jpg

cut out the bad the rest is solid will sandblast and patch.


Good news its behind the fender on the cowl so no major body work




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First off , From Upstate N.Y. Welcome to the Madness!! Best Club you could ever get into. I think there should be a rubber grommet plug on the underside if it . Looks like you got right into it. Looking good!! I had mine off the frame restore. I like the colors, Friend of mine doing one the same. lives in Florida, went to Mich. to get it !! Hope to see this in person.post-259-0-61935100-1474727657_thumb.jpg 

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Yes James, I am wondering now if I should have just did frame off, but someone did a decent job before cleanest bottom side of the floors I have seen and are painted the body color of the car and frame real clean. As far as the grommets in the cowl checked both sides don't see any rubber grommet. I will  check again and can take a pic of passenger side . Short of where the seam sealer should go there is no opening that I can see. I will want to put something in there though to let water drain out if I get caught in rain or wash it etc . but you are correct Steve it wont see any weather or tree droppings again. It actually does have new vent covers so someone did replace after all that crap got in there I guess. Anyway more pics below of the work tonight ,cut out some more sandblasted and more or less finished up my surprise find in the cowl.


Sandblasted and found a little more .


Just a little and cut that out toom26.jpg.426afbd2d3e47f80630a7b7f79265e4e.jpg

welding in the patches m27.jpg.dc5526cf9b30077b5b732fcf1d8ded22.jpg


Pretty much finished will prime, seam sealer and dress it up better than factory even though you wont really see it I will be able to sleep knowing that more corrosion is gone . m29.jpg.c2fa8c416602e7916eb0656b0731023a.jpg


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Took some pics today of passenger side cowl no plug on that side , but you can see from the front there is quite a gap that water could escape from, but I believe that should have seam sealer in there that I may have cleaned out


other than determining if and where there should be a drain hole in the cowl , cowl is all stripped will scuff and prime tomorrow(Saturday)


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Almost have it all primed , most of the blocking done , then onto the front fenders and hood.  A little setback when we primed the roof. I used zero rust on the roof probably applied it a month and a half ago and when I primed over it, it lifted. Wont be using that again. Scraped it all off with razor blade. Will be removing all the filler where the quarter meets the roof because I believe it is under there also. Also around the rear window and the top of windshield . Not taking any chances now, will stick with what I know was trying something different. Will probably  end up priming sealing and painting and putting vinyl over that.


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Thank you .. just got back on track after stripping the roof all back down again right down to the seams cleaning window channels again. Used zero rust under the filler and the primer and it lifted , didn't trust it any more so I took it all back  out. A couple days of rework,  but feel better about it now got the roof reprimed tonight and started a little seam sealer.Hopefully back on track now , a couple more pics.m38.jpg.d5a59026869bfd3e4727a3a78a6ae3af.jpgm39.jpg.bed72ec7411c68f709d1caa0048a3f5e.jpgm40.jpg.3d7b2daf58686e5a5f41ee72e0b57889.jpgm41.jpg.b6679f85fbfdc701ccb8e266d70862e0.jpg

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Haven't had an update in a bit just doing some sanding so not much to show. But have most if not all the seam sealing done in the first few pics . The others pics showing I have moved onto the front fenders. Drivers side sanded and mostly sand blasted. Cut out the rust on the fender and the brace is patched, hopefully patching fender tomorrow. m42.jpg.11d98e89775cdfa19a3b98ca2669f958.jpgseam sealed trunk lip and seam behind bumper m43.jpg.a2c7e949be1ed4ccad16c694515e4599.jpgcowl and driver jamb sealedm44.jpg.cb2776cb9a5f48051ee0dd1199036440.jpgcowl and passenger side , I will clean this jamb up, I liked how it came out better on the driver side, may look more factory this way but like it better neater.

m45.jpg.df024e9e8c0d8c80d45b159458223d39.jpg seal jamb under drip rail, also did the top but no pics of that yet must have forgot to take them

m46.jpg.2285420cde1b53cca0c6dc2568406ae6.jpgcutting out the rust, driver fender, just wrote down some measurements for the trim holes that disappeared.

cut out skin, sandblasted, cut out brace rust and patched the brace   m47.jpg.41baf8510e7c842e9e453d7ece5fd109.jpg

m48.jpg.99c62c2bb07e7e547d07a7408763968c.jpgbrace all done will patch the skin tomorrow hopefully.

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