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Hello from IOWA

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1 have a 70 monte I got about 6 weeks ago I traded my Harley for it plus  some money from the guy this car started out in California as  a beige car then some one painted it grey and them misty  turquoise  and the last 2 colors were pretty crappy work so I am in the process of getting g all the paint off that the parts  that hadn't been replaced or already stripped down to bare it will be misty again when it's done  I don't know much more about it since I can't find build sheet anywhere



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Congrats on your purchase of the best year of Monte Carlo's.  It looks like a fairly solid car.  We hope you like what you see here and decide to become a full fledged dues paying member of the club.

Hope the heavy flooding in Iowa is not near your area.


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Welcome to the Club!! Man, I can't believe how nice the metal looks on that Monte!  Mine? Ughh, was a mess. Lots of pieces replaced with new, used. Lower western N.Y. state, upper Pennsylvania , Maryland car .You need to post the plate on top of the cowl to show us the paint codes/trim package.What color interior? buckets ,big block? Looking good !!post-259-0-61935100-1474727657_thumb.jpg 

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