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windows at high speed


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Hey Jason.

Silly questions first, the roof rail weatherstrip good? The little clip (triangular) where the a pillar meets the roof there? Is it loose, bent or missing? If that's all good, have you tried adjusting the window tighter? Up at the roof weatherstrip?

Obviously as you found out, at those speeds, the air/wind  moving over the car wants to suck the windows outward.

I have gone only 119 mph so far with my set up but had the same issue. I adjusted the window tighter and have solved that issue so far. 

Good luck. 

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Everything is new. I adjusted them numerous times but if they get too tight then you have problems rolling up the windows or closing the door with the window up. 

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Most likely that is the problem. Everything new. Did you try making it tight for when you race but leave the window ever so slightly open for when you close the door? Until the weatherstripping relaxes/conforms to the window, it will keep popping out at high speeds. 

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I remember a "anti blow out" clip, one on each ft window on my 71. They were plastic or rubber coated clip that I removed years ago because the plastic cracked and fell off. After the plastic was gone it rusted and looked bad. I think they were perhaps 4 or 5 inches forward of the rear 1/4 window. I got some replacements but never installed them. Can't believe I found them in my tool box!! See attached pictures. two different styles / sizes.





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On 5/31/2020 at 8:57 PM, Jason72 said:

I finally got around to adjusting the windows. I snugged them up tight to the rubbers and it did the trick. 128 mph and not worrying about the glass popping out of the car was nice. Thanks for the help.

I have a similar problem at the toward the end of the quarter mile. 

I suspect it has to do with low pressure outside the windows and high pressure inside the cabin. The "ball" chillers are probably not helping the situation if they are not sealed, or closed, for that matter. How did you adjust the windows?

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