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Went to the FGMCC Western Meet and........

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all's I got was this AWESOME FGMCC PILLOW :B  that blends & fits perfectly into my Interior / Exterior decor.  Probably the 1st time I ever wished for Twins :k..........  Thanx to ALL who attended and or had a hand in making once again, another well executed WM.  Special mention goes out to April & Aaron (Mayhem), an inside joke for their selfless dedication :2beers:.  You guys really give up a portion of your YEAR all year long planning, communicating and Hosting all of our events.  And I believe the turn out is indicative of that dedication you both display.  Thank you both so much........... 

  Wow, what a turn out!  How many people attended including family?  I'm guessing over 60 :doh:.  

The Cars were spectacular as were the people.   Got to meet what seemed a huge group of new members/WM newbies that added greatly to my experience.

Looking forward to Montana and hope to see everyone & more at this event........................... If you don't make it, all I have to say is :no

So many pic's to sort thru and putting those faces & names with their cars, well :cry:, it's gonna take some time.....................


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