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My name is Bob and I live in southern NJ. Ive always been a car guy partial to Chevy products. Im a moderator at a site that deals with the squarebody (73-87) chevy pickups and im a big first gen Monte Carlo fan. A few years back, I was supposed to purchase a 72 from a friend who at the urging of his wife, decided to keep the car. A few months later I found a car in similar shape  out here by me and purchased that one. Since then Ive pretty much restored it. Im a stock kinda guy so the only changes I made to my first one was to eliminate the vynal roof and to go from cloth to vynal seats as I couldn't find a decent set of green seat covers in cloth for a reasonable price. . This past weekend I stumbled onto a second monte carlo and im plotting what I want to do with that  So ill be looking for parts, picking brains and  all the rest for this car 



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Welcome aboard the boards Bob.  We hope you like what you see here and decide to become a full fledged dues paying member of the club and also consider joining many of us from here at the Carlisle Nationals Chevrolet Nationals 50th Anniversary of the Monte Carlo.  The First Generation Monte Carlo Club is having their Eastern Meet there in June 2020 and already have almost 70 cars planning to be in attendance.


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