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Newbie here...

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First off rather than suggestions there are some questions.

How old is the battery?

How long does it take for it to drain it.  An hour? 12 hours?  A day?  A week? A month?

Like Paul asked, any after market amp or radio?

Does it have any other after market gauges, locks, window etc?

Does it have a trunk or engine compartment light that may remain on while parked?



Remove all fuses and let it sit and see if the drain occurs.  If you don't get a drain with all fuses then start reinstalling and troubleshoot by process of elimination.


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Welcome to the Club! Definitely the fuse part and you'll find out what is causing it. Mine was the starter. brushes were shot and power trickling thru stator. could be a door sensor also, 12v through those too. I like your choice of color too!!post-259-0-61935100-1474727657_thumb.jpg

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Hey Jim, welcome!

I like that color!

Here's an easy way to find a parasitic load:

Get a small lamp like a side marker bulb and get a pigtail socket for it from AutoZone or Pep Boys. After charging the battery, disconnect the positive lug from it and put one pigtail wire to it and the other to the battery post. If there's a load drawing power with the key off and the doors closed, the bulb will light.

Start by pulling the fuse for the interior lights because you'll need the door open to pull more fuses. When you pull the fuse for the problem circuit, the bulb will go out.

Good luck!


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Thanks for welcome and all the info folks,😀  I'll be tinkering with it this weekend. It took a year to find her,..little did i know it was 2 blocks from my girlfriends house the whole time.

Runs great, pretty solid,...typical bubbles around vinyl top, but clean everywhere else. 400 2 bbl. with working a/c. After a back and forth with the owner ended up paying 4600

....i had to have her  :  )

I will keep you all up to date on her progress...

Thanks again for all the help.

Road. ( Jim )

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Please give us your address so we can the County Sheriff's Office to pick you up for grand theft auto because from the looks of that car, at $4600 you stole it.

We want to see more pictures, we really LOVE pictures here.


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