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Rob Peters

Areas Being Represented At The 2020 Eastern Meet

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As of today, there are members from 19 States and Provinces who have registered with me to attend the 2020 Eastern Meet in Carlisle this coming June.  It is not too late to get registered so keep the registrations coming.  Below is a list of these States and Provinces and the number of members from each of them who are planning to attend.

Arizona                        (1)

Connecticut                (2)

Delaware                     (2)

Florida                          (2)

Indiana                          (1)

Kentucky                       (1)

Massachusetts            (1)

Michigan                       (5)

Missouri                        (1)

North Carolina             (1)

New Hampshire          (1)

New Jersey                  (1)

New York                     (15)

Ohio                               (7)

Ontario, Canada           (1)

Pennsylvania               (15)

South Carolina              (5)

Tennessee                     (5)

Virginia                           (3)

Wisconsin                      (2)

West Virginia                 ( 1)









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I have added the states of Missouri and Arizona to the states or Canadian Provinces bringing the total represented to 21.

Keep the registrations coming, let's shoot for up to 100 members.  We are now in the 80's for member registrations.


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