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Hi everyone, one of the cars I have missed the most over the years was a 1971 big block full load Monte I purchased in 71 and sold 10 yeras later. Base price was $4200 and options were just over $3000  (Canadian). Tried to track it down for years with no luck so about 5 years ago started to look for a project that was fairly loaded and not rusted out not even thinking about an SS as up untill then I had only seen pictures of them. This past summer saw an add for a 70 SS only a couple of hours away, called and went to see it the next day.  It turned out to be a California built rust free true SS454 frame off restoration showing 87000 miles. Could not leave without it, probably paid more than it is worth but less than what it would cost me to build and I get to drive it now! Planning on taking it to the Western Meet to see what other Monte's are out there. Sorry for the bad picture, I will post more later. 



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Welcome! This is a great group here.

Your 70 SS looks very nice. I look forward to meeting you and seeing your car at the Western Meet in Montana. It will be a great time and possibly our largest Western Meet we've ever had.

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