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Having trouble loginning in

Gush's monte

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I am having trouble when I log in. It never remembers my password. The last couple times I have to recover my password and can log in. When I try to log in the next day it does not recognize my password but when I recover the password (I use the same one) it logs me in? Anyone else having this problem?

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Do you always use the same device to log in?  Me, I use my smartphone, tablet, laptop and other computers.  I have never had an issue on any of them. 

Now, the reason I ask if you use more than one device.  If you use other devices to log in do you have any issues logging in with them.

When some people have this issue we usually find that at some point in time they had changed their password and after changing their password they started having issues logging in.  Usually the reason for this is at some point with their old password their device asked them if they wanted their device to save that password for future log-in's and if they responded yes, from then on that device will try to use that "remembered" password and no matter how many times you change your password it will always use the original one you had it save unless you can find a way to change it in the device.



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