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air compressor mounting


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 trying to put the a/c hose on and notice i have very little room between the a/c compressor and the level ride compressor. looking at some pics and see some with the front bracket backwards compared to mines, is mines right or wrong? I don't understand the print with all the lines labeled 25sv,-15 pv,25pv and so on.

does anyone have a pic on where I need to mount my compressor?

thanks, Sendo 




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Your bracket is correct, but the compressor and tank assembly is too low. I used metal inner fenders, but took the hole measurements from my original inner fenders. 

The photo with original brackets mounted on the inner fender is one I found on Ebay. 

The horizontal measurements are based on the center mark on the tape that comes down from the center of the ridge at the top of the inner fender, and the other pieces of tape are centered in the grooves that they're in. All measurements were taken with a 1/4" wide steel tape measure that followed the contour of the plastic. The 1/4" holes shown are for the plastic straps for the wiring. They were factory on all Montes. You can use them to help layout the larger holes for the bracket bolts.








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