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Ride height after 2" spindle drop

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What are people's lowest point after a 2" spindle drop?

Looking to do a 2" spindle drop as part of complete overhaul of suspension - possibly something like the kit from Ridetech.

Currently the motor is a ZZ4 with unknown headers, which are the lowest point on the car with stock suspension at around 4" from the ground.

I don't want the headers only 2 inches from the ground when done, but also want the car lower, what are my options?

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You will definitely want headers that tuck up tighter to the frame/belly pan and some brands of full-length headers are much better than others in that way.  I replaced a 40  year-old set of full-length headers of unknown brand that had been severely massaged to fit with a pair of Patriot "shorties" and ran into ground clearance problems big time on the driver's side with stock front suspension.  So, even shorties may not tuck under without modifications.

Not sure why but the driver's side collector flange was exactly 3" closer to the ground than the passenger side collector flange.  Since most shorties are swept back at a 45 degree angle (instead of a 90 degrees on  full-length headers), you will likely need a 45 degree adapter pipe between your header collector and the head pipe of your exhaust system.  An off-the-shelf piece worked on the passenger side, but I had to section and re-weld one for the driver's side (see photo below) because no one sold a 45 degree adapter section with a sharp enough bend radius.  Unfortunately, the Patriot header was the only shortie I could find that would clear the clutch linkage for my M20 but you may be able to find a matched pair if you have an automatic. Good luck.







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Thanks @MCfan - that would solve it, likewise I'm working around an M20 - although may swap out for a Tremic.

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