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i noted the parts  place had several headliner choices available.

does anyone know what the particular differences are?

also do most people use the insulation kits? i see the opg has a "headliner insulation kit"  for $19.99 but there is also a "dynamat sound deadener kit" for $115.99

quite a price difference. just wondering if anyone has practical experience with either.

from what i am reading this does not look like an easy job?


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The dynamat kit has a sound deadening material that goes above the headliner. I do not know if the dynamat kit has the clips for the actual headliner

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The four headliners that they show are different fabrics. Here's a good example of the differences.


I bought the PUI headliner and there are spots that aren't sewn evenly, so no amount of stretching will remove the slight wrinkle left between panels. The PUI headliner that my dad bought 15 years ago didn't have that problem.


The OPG insulation kit is a big sheet of jute that you attach using contact cement rather than foil-backed butyl sheets like the Dynamat. There are alternatives to Dynamat that will be a lower price, just make sure that it can hold up to the temperature of a roof on a hot sunny day.


Headliner is easiest with a few people and no glass in the car. Buy a few boxes of binder clips to hold the headliner in place.

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I used a dynomat product on another project to keep out noise and heat. I put it on the floorboards and the firewall.

It goes on easy, but removing it will be impossible. it's pretty tough just to find a ground for electricity once this stuff is down. The worse news is that after it was all done, I only noticed a slight decrease in sound, and no change in heat. 

I wouldn't do it again.


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I put a dynamat Clone on the floor and firewall of my 72. When I got my ACC carpet I had them put on the mas backing. Between these two the radiance is amazing. Before the radio had to be set on as setting of 22 or more and then sometimes you could not hear it.  After we keep the radio setting at 9 to 11 and we can carry on a conversation without shouting. Together these worked a lot better than I thought they would. Also the heat has really been abated.

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