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over spray on fan shroud

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guys ,is there a delicate way to remove over spray on the tub of my fan shroud while it is connected to the radiator, thanks

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Is the overspray somewhat fresh, or old?

mineral spirits work well with a rag to remove recent paint. Mineral spirits also make a good solvent for parts cleaning.

If its old paint, the mineral spirits might have a tough time with it. Lacquer thinner is stronger stuff that might work, but it tends to dissolve everything it comes in contact

with...like plastics.

The good news it that the fan shroud wasn't painted, so scrubbing won't reveal anything you wouldn't see anyway...unless someone in the past painted it and that makes your job tougher


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Xylene will work, slow dry so you can work with it. Acetone or lacquer thinner will work, i have used it all to clean plastic and rubber, just dont soak it. 

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