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2 hours ago, Ridercoachbob said:

I got one of those big round signs as a door prize.  It's hanging in my garage.  We had a blast and can't wait till the next one!

For those who won those round club logo signs, you can thank Jay and Jenny Munday.  They had them made and donated them to be used as door prizes.  

I would also like to mention that the large banner with the club logo and the badging that stated it was the 20th year anniversary of the club and the 50th year anniversay of Monte Carlo was donated by Jim  and Linda Seyboldt.  It was not donated to be used as a door prize but they paid to have it made and donated it so it could be used by the club.  They suggested that we keep the one we have been using for years for the Eastern Meets held up north and the one they had made be used for when the Eastern Meet is held in the southern areas.  

I think I failed to to pubicly thank Jim and Linda and Jay and Jenny at the meet and I am sorry if that was the case.  Thank you both for your contributions to the club.


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Yes Thank You, Jim and Linda, and also Jay and Jenny for contributing to our club. I was hoping to win the round logo sign, but it wasn't in the cards🤥Maybe next time.

Thanks again everyone!!!

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