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FGMCC and Carlisle Events Awards

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Carlisle Events and FGMCC Club  Awards are listed below.  As a club we almost swept both the club awards and the Carlisle Events Awards.  The only one we did not win was the second place award in the Carlisle Event that was owned by someone outside of the club.  Congratsulations


FGMCC Meet Award Winners    
Best Paint   Jay Munday
Best Interior   Jared Richey
Robyn Lines     Best Engine   Tommy Rorex
Ronnie Bryan                             Longest Distance Driven   Kervin Uilkie
George Lines       3RD Place                     Best Modified   Steve Levanti
George Lines       2ND Place                     Best Modified   Tommy Rorex
George Lines       1ST Place                     Best Modified   Twone Gibson
Best Street 3RD Place   Larry Gilbert
Best Street 2ND Place   CK Collins
Best Street  1ST Place   Rick Gibson
Best Non Rest 3RD   Gerry Patterson
Best Non Rest 2ND   Kurt Merkling
Best Non Rest 1ST   Vince Jimenez
Best Stock  3RD Place   Vince Jimenez
Best Stock  2ND Place   Gary Vanatter
Best Stock 1ST Place   Jim Boczar
Hard Luck   Jared Richey
Best Documented   Randy Czankner
Longest Owned   Gerry Patterson
Leo Konik Attention To Detail Award   Tommy Rorex & Carl Hanson
Recognized Member   Jim Seyboldt
Members Choice   Rob Peters
Meet Director Award   Terry Reynolds
Presidents Award   Willie Conforti
Founders Award   Capri Blasco

Carlisle Events Awards

Carlisle Club Challenge (This is for the largest club participation

1st Place:    FGMCC

Monte Carlo Stock

1st: Jim Boczar

2nd: Not a club member

3rd:  Vince Jimenez

Monte Carlo Street

1st:  Rick Gibson

2nd: CK Collins

3rd:  Dick Gegstadt

Monte Carlo Modified

1st:  Tommy Rorex

2nd: Jay Munday

3rd:  Steve Levanti







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Congratulations to ALL!!!

Another great job, RVP!! You rock!

I am VERY humbled and honored to have received the Founders Award. It chokes me up and warms my heart more than you could possibly know. ❤

Though I am MIA..its only because the boys suck up all my time. I miss being here...at meets..all of it. We were so psyched to be there this year. I couldnt wait too see old "family" members and meet the newbies.  I love helping at the meets and miss doing so!!  Now we HAVE to make next year happen.

Thanks again


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57 minutes ago, Rob Peters said:

To all Award Winners..... As soon as I can make it to Costco I will have the PROPER SIZE  pictures printed and mailed to each of you.  


That happened to me one year too. The trophy place changed the frame from 4x6 to 5x7 and did not see the difference until the banquet. Doh!

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