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8 hours ago, cny first gen 71 said:

I don't think it's long enough but that's my opinion. 

On that FB page, I think someone said the cowl itself is the same size as the Chevelle. That being said, the Monte hood is longer so it isn't proportional, looks a little short to me as well.

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A friend sent me this from Daytona, I like the hood. He'll be there tomorrow and ask, he said the people he talked to other sites not OPGI are all backordered on their hoods and he doesn't know anyone who has purchased a new one. 


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Just now, DragCat said:

I agree, its too tall but its a big tire car so who knows what they're hiding under there lol. I think the length is more proportional too, I'm going to venture a guess that its not an off the shelf hood lol. 

Yeah, no doubt he probably needs the clearance. Still too long though, unless there's a couple of turbos packed up there in the front 😁. Clean looking car though!

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54 minutes ago, jft69z said:

I agree, way too tall. Length would be good if it was split between the both of them. Then it would look proportional to the long hood, imho.

Yep. I took a second look than looked over my right shoulder. Tooooo long. Might be needed on that car though. 


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