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8 minutes ago, MC1of80 said:

Which one? The one that replaces the carb or the one that replaces the fuel injectors and rails? 

The one that replaces the carb. I am weighing my options right now as I'd like to keep the stock look once my build is completed. 

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If you go to the Holley forums/Atomic, there isn't much activity regarding those units, compared to the rest of the actual Holley units (they own MSD apparently). A lot of the posts are considerably old. That could mean a couple of things I guess.

1- The units just aren't popular compared to the rest of Holley's numerous other offerings. Holley has units that look like q-jet or Holley carbs now.

2- The units perform so good, that there's no need for any help on the forums (unlikely, lol). Looking at customer reviews on Summit.com, seems like a lot of happy users though, but not without some problems. A lot of those reviews are a few years old though as well, again, maybe due to the popularity of the Holley Sniper & other more powerful options.


I'm there every day, on the Holley related section to learn about the system I have, very helpful people there if you decide to go that route. Calling tech support hasn't been a good option lately according to many people.

It would appear that the bulk of the money/engineering/updates is being spent on the actual Holley systems.

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11 minutes ago, 714024SPEED said:

I have one on my 1977 Pontiac wagon,It has an LS swap. It works great and was vet easy to Install. It is a little more money than some of the other brands that are out on the market but it does work great.


Pontiac looks niiice. Well done

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You may want to steer towards the Sniper 4150 then, looks like a carb? The Q-jet version not so much a good replica. You'll need to do some fuel system upgrades as well, sure you know about that. Plenty of options there as well, and It gets more involved as you go further...:grin:

Lot of good info here:   






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