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fuel pump return or no return with or without charcoal canister

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I want to replace the fuel tank sending unit and the fuel pump and possibly the charcoal canister. My 71 originally had the return line from the pump to the tank and the charcoal canister which has since been discarded. The fuel pump on it now just has one inlet and one outlet. The return hose is still there but nothing hooked to it. The charcoal canister thing is gone, but there are lines running to the area where it was. The fuel tank has the many vent lines going all over the place and i assume it has the original sending unit with 2 lines coming out. My question is - is there an advantage to having the return line and the charcoal canister? Should i replace the fuel pump with the one with a return line and should i replace the sending unit with one with 2 lines?   And should I purchase a new charcoal canister and whatever that consists of. Or, can i just do away with the return line and get the sending unit with just one line and a new fuel pump with just one line and leave the charcoal canister missing?

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Hi Doug, I just saw your 3 month old post so I assume its no longer relevant but anyway Im no expert but would agree with you that a single feed line from the tank is all you ever need. The return line is unnecessary in my opinion and the charcoal can you mentioned is mainly part of the anti gas fumes device of the day. If you want to keep it original then retain the charcoal can and all the lines as they were meant to be. ROBBO

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