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2021 Carlisle Events GM Nationals

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Good Evening all.  As you may be aware I will be hosting my usual FGMCC Mini-Meet at the Carlisle Events GM Nationals in June of 2021.  I am in the process of negotiating a hotel contract for our club and will have the details on that contract soon and at that time you can start making your hotel reservations. 

When I host an Eastern Meet there we go all out but the off year Mini-meet is a little more laid back and as a result rather than arriving on Wednesday we will start the Mini-Meet on Thursday.  I think I will have enough rooms to accommodate all who want a room.  

Today I got the following email from Carlisle Events:

Dear Club Leader,

Yup you read the title and saw the logo right! The GM Nationals are Back!  See the details below and please feel free to share this with your club membership!  We will be announcing this at 9AM tomorrow morning.  As a club leader you are the first to hear this exciting news!  Attached is an image you can feel free to share with your club when we make the announcement in the morning!

 The GM Nationals are BACK!

You Spoke and We Listened – Join us June 25-26, 2021

 For the first time in a few years, we can all say it together again – the Carlisle GM Nationals are taking place at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds.   Join us June 25-26, 2021 for a diverse spotlight of all things GM and related.  From the Pontiac to the Buick, Oldsmobile to Cadillac, GMC truck to Camaro and all things in between, you won’t find a more diverse event of its type anywhere.  Best of all, as noted in our headline, you spoke and we listened.  The name change reflects your passion for the hobby and our dedication to giving every piece of feedback we hear from you serious thought.  Displays/Themes for 2021 include a Comic Car Con, 50th Anniversary of the Vega and 50th of GM swaps just to name a few.  Register today for the National Parts Depot Showfield and save 10%. 

 Visit the GM Themed Vendors at Fall Carlisle

Annual Automotive Flea Market Runs Through Sunday

 Hope to see a large turnout for this Mini-meet.


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