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Load Leveler Compressor

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I’m sorry if this has been answered previously, I was not able to find an answer.  Is the Eldorado compressor the same as the first gen compressor?   I’ve looked at pics here and and other sites and they look identical.  I do see there is a short tank version and understand that one is different along with a difference in mounting brackets.  



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Frank, I believe they are. I did some research when I found mine and the Cadillac compressor. The short tank compressor was used on Pontiacs. There is  a listing on Ebay for 899.00 with the short tank and they claimed it was correct for our cars. Its not. Good luck

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The Eldorado is different. On the bottom of the tank it is smooth around the curve of the tank. The Monte one looks like it has a cap on the bottom. This is a Monte one7224D054-A824-47C4-8158-ED183517C699.thumb.jpeg.a7f4ce4f3be36be2afd2d9ef68d5cabf.jpeg

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