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2021 FGMCC Carlisle Pa Mini-Meet

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This Mini-Meet will be from Thursday, June 24th to Sunday June 27th, 2021.  As in the past, this meet will be held in conjunction with the Carlisle Events Chevrolet Nationals.

You MUST be a dues paying member of the club to attend this club function and your dues will need to be current to keep club rate at this hotel. 

Our club host hotel will be the Fairfield Inn and Suites at 1528 East Commerce Ave.  Their phone number is 717-243-2080.  You can now start to make your 2021 Carlisle Mini-Meet Hotel Reservations.  I have heard from many members already who are planning to attend this meet.  So I can better track attendance and hotel reservations please send me an email for with the following information:

Last Name:

First Name:

Club Website Screen Name:

Name Of Others In Your Party (If Children are coming please give their name and ages:

Total # In Your Party:

City & State:

Arrival Date:

Depart Date:

Driving Or Trailering:

Year Of Your Monte


Vinyl Top:

Registration Class:


Room Type:

Email Address:

Copy and paste the above information into an email and send it to me at rob29ford@aol.com  You don't need to post this information here.

A large number of members will be arriving Thursday with club activities beginning that evening.  At this point in time we have not established an itinerary.  

  Our club rates for Friday and Saturday nights are as follows:

Qn/Qn --------------$159.00


Qn/Qn Suite--------$169.00   Qn/Qn Suites are limited and not guaranteed to be available

King Suite-----------$169.00   King Suites are limited and not guaranteed to be available

The surrounding date rates are listed below (These would be the rates for Wednesday, Thursday and also Sunday and Monday Nights and are considered the surrounding dates)

Qn/Qn----------------------- $99.00


Qn/Qn Suite--------------  $119.00  Qn/Qn Suites are limited and not guaranteed to be available

King Suite----------------- $119.00  King Suites are limited and not guaranteed to be available

If anyone has any issues making their hotel reservations at our club rates should contact me and I will get things straightened out, just email me at rob29ford@aol.com

You can also register your car for the Carlisle Events Chevrolet Nationals by going to their website at carlisleevents.com  Keep in mind, around Christmas they usually offer a discount so you may want to wait till then.  If I hear anything from them with any discounts I will post it in this forum thread.


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