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Crankcase Ventilation

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So I swapped my SBC to a 489 recently.  Right now it has two breathers in the valve covers with filter elements.  What direction have you guys gone for crankcase ventilation?  It is smoking a little from the breathers so I know I need to do something.

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You can go 1 step further and run a 1/2" hose from the breather location and route it to the underside of the air filter housing (inside the filter ring). This way at full throttle, there is enough vacuum available inside the filter ring to draw away the fumes that would otherwise escape through the breather into the engine compartment. At slower engine speeds, the flow reverses, and filtered air is supplied from the air cleaner, then travels through the crankcase to the PCV valve side.

I found a neat "breather looking" item from summit that has a PCV valve inside. Looks like the fancy breathers, but with a tube coming out the side that leads to the base of the carb.

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