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Steve we had planned to come in February but in March the girlfriend had to take a COVID test as she was sick. The health care provider told her straight up oh you probably have it before doing the test. May or June my mom had to take a COVID test after being around someone for less then 5 minutes. We thought it was best not to go up even for a day which was the plan to start with. Cats are easy to take care of for a few days but dogs that’s a whole another story. Needless to say I’m still kicking even had to take a COVID test myself after a co-worker tested positive when he returned from a thanksgiving break.



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I completely understand my girlfriend tested positive the other day so shes in quarantine and only showing mild to moderate symptoms.  Remember the year I brought my dog with me and Mike and Ann always bring the dogs. I dont think I'm going this year for mini meet was kinda planning on going south but that's in question now. But it's good to see you back and doing well!

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