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Last year, when I signed into FGMC on my phone, the sign in page would say that the username or password is incorrect,  even though my phone automatically fills in the info. I would have to reset my password every time I wanted to log on. This became very annoying,  and I gave on the website.  Now, a year later, I am still having this issue. I have tried filling in the information myself, instead of automatically letting the phone fill out the username and password,  but no luck. I tried getting online using my laptop. No luck. 

Any suggestions?

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On every device you use you need to go into that device and go to settings and find the stored passwords and delete any passwords for this site.  As long as those passwords are stored that device will try to use the stored passwords even though you changed the password here on the site it will revert to your saved passwords.   Once you get signed in you could tell it to keep you signed in.


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Regarding your issue about regarding your password issues.  I am not sure if you are using as a laptop/desktop or if it is an apple or other device.   

In most cases your issue is caused by your device retaining old passwords.  On my laptop, which I am using google "Chrome" and I think many are the same, this is how I would eliminate these stored passwords on mine.  If this does not work you could google to find out how to eliminate stored passwords.  If you do not cancel the password stored on your computer, prior to changing your password for the site, your computer will still try to use that old password.

When you have an issue and can't log onto the site please send me an email and request I reset your password.  When I do this I will assign you a temporary password to use and when you log in you could then reset your password to one of your choice.  Please keep in mind your screen name and password are case sensitive so if when you set your password you used any capital letters, when you enter your password you will have to again use capital letters on the letters you had set in as capital letters.


 Once you open your search engine, if using Chrome:

  1. in the upper right-hand corner, you would see three (3) stacked/vertical dots.  You would click on those three dots which will bring up a dropdown menu and in the menu you would select "Settings"  
  2. When you do that you will get a menu like the one in the attached document labeled "Settings 1.pdf"  In that menu you would find the line marked "Passwords" and to the right of "Passwords you will see an arrow.  Click on that arrow to the right of "Passwords"
  3. this will bring up a screen like in the attached document marked Settings-Passwords 2.    Scroll down those files till you find all of them that have to do with the First Gen Monte Carlo Club such as fgmcc.com or firstgenmc.com, firstgenerationmontecarlo.com etc.  Once you find those you will do the following for each and every one of First Gen sites and you will again see three stacked/vertical dots.  Click on these 3 stacked dots.
  4. When you click on those dots you will see a small box as pictured in the above attachment labeled Settings-Passwords-Delete.  In that small box you will see the following selections "Copy Password", "Details" and "Remove"  Click on the selection for "Remove" 
  5. Repeat this for each of the FGMCC items.

Once you have done that go to the club website and go to the Forums.  From there you will want to sign in using your normal screen name for the website. 

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email or private message here on the boards.


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