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2021 Eastern Meet Hotel Information

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Due to some changes I requested in the club hotel contract it has delayed me getting the information out to you.  I made one more change to the contract tonight and sent it back to the general manager of the hotel.  The change I requested tonight was to add Sunday Night to the contract.  The contract he sent to  me did not include Sunday night.  The reason I requested this change is the actual show ends late Sunday and I did not thinks some people with a long drive would want to start driving home following a long day on the show field.

I will give you the hotel information now but please wait until I hear back from the hotel with the approval of the change I have requested for Sunday night lodging.

Fairfield Inn    3285 West State Street      Bristol, TN  37620  Phone 423-574-4500

Availability Dates Wednesday Night Aug. 4, 2021, Thursday Night Aug 5, 2021, Friday Night Aug 6, 2021, Saturday Night Aug 7, 2021, Sunday Night Aug 8, 2021

The room rates will be the same for all rooms each night.  This club rate is $119.00 Per Nighty plus taxes.  Our contract will include 5 King Rooms, 5 Extended KIng Rooms and 20 Queen/Queen Rooms each night.  

The last day to get this club rate will be July 6th at which time any remaining rooms in our block of rooms will be released to the general public.  Any member making reservations after that date will pay full rates for their room.

The hotel is going to rope off a line of spaces that will be reserved for our club members.

The hotel is going to provide the club with two parking spaces in the rear of the building and a hose to be used as a club wash area for our members Monte's.

I feel I will have an approved contract with the hotel by tomorrow, March 5th or early next week.  Again, please wait till I tell you it is OK to go ahead and make your hotel reservations.  We really need to fill at least 20 of these rooms with members.  It is best to make your reservations early because once these 30 rooms are claimed there is no guarantee we will be able to get additional rooms.

PLEASE NOTE:  Do not make your reservations through the Marriott Reservations web site.  When you call tell them you are part of the First Generation Monte Carlo Club to get the club rate.


If you have any questions regarding the hotel please contact me by email or PM here on the club web site.  My email is:  rob29ford@aol.com


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