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Carlisle Events FGMCC Mini-Meet Where's Waldo

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I emailed the following information to those who are coming to my FGMCC Mini Meet but just in case the information ends up in a spam folder or I missed including you in the group list I wanted to also post it here.  The link to the Event Guide I speak of in the message is at the top of this message.

Well, I don't know where Waldo is BUT I do know where our club canopy and our parking area will be.  

For those who attended the last few year we were in the RED area which if you were facing the grandstands the RED area was to the right of that and we were in the first couple rows of the RED Area near/across from the parts vendor area.
For this year, we are in the GREEN area.  If you are facing the grandstands seating the GREEN area is in front of that.  We will be in the first two rows of the GREEN area nearest the grandstand seating.  Between us and the grandstands will be some of the company sales truck trailers that sell things like exhaust, suspension etc.  Our club canopy will be located right at the beginning of that aisle.
I am going to attach a PDF copy of the 2021 GM Nationals Event Guide.  On page 23 of this events guide you will see a map of that portion of the show field so you can get a good visual of where we will be.  The guide will also give you an idea of what events will be happening on the show field each day.  
Don't forget to bring the letter that came with your gate pass windshield sticker.  You will need that letter to get your Carlisle Events Goody bag and your participant voting ballot.  When you do you voting please keep in mind that we will have a few members who will be bringing Monte's that are of other generations so please keep them in mind when you are doing your voting.  We will also have a member bringing a Corvette.  I do not know if the Corvette voting will be on our participant voting sheets but if they are please keep our club members in mind when doing your voting.
Please, if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email.  If I can not answer your question I will try to point you in the right direction.
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